Friday, December 11, 2009

A Busy Thursday

The weather was dry and very cold and I was driving to places on Thursday. At nine in the I went to the college to talk to my adviser for classes that I'm going to take for winter quarter. After talking to her I went to the enrollment services. Too bad the classes I am planning to take were all closed. The classes I am supposed to take are all online classes. I wanted it web based because of the weather and I have no sitter for our DD. Hopefully I can contact the instructor and will accommodate additional student online.

After my appointment at school I drove to the mall. It was our first time going to the mall with only me and our DD. Our DD was able to play at the play area and she enjoyed the freedom of not being in the stroller. We stopped by two other stores from the mall and the drive was kinda far but good thing the weather was nice despite the low temperature. When we got home felt exhausted. Surely doing all the errands by myself is really a tiring task but what can I do. No one will do it for me :-) I am just glad our DD is behave and tame when we are out or else it will be very stressful.

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