Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dingy Carpet

How I wish we have floor tiles or hardwood floors not carpet because cleaning is really hard to do. This morning my time was spent with cleaning; dusting and vacuuming. After I vacuumed the carpet still look dingy because of some spots. I have a carpet cleaner but I did not use it yet since our daughter was awake. I don't want to spray any chemicals on the carpet and then she will touch it right after. So when she took her nap this afternoon I proceeded to scrubbing the carpet with the spot cleaner. Some of it came off but some still stick to the carpet. My friend and I were talking of renting a steam vacuum cleaner and we will do the cleaning ourselves. Before my husband left he cleaned our carpet. But if you have an active toddler you expect mess from time to time from her food and drinks. Hopefully next week we can rent the vacuum and then do the cleaning coz I hate looking at the stained carpet.

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