Saturday, December 5, 2009

Going Green

Our environment is now become very fragile. We heard on issues about global warming and other environmental hazards. Environment agencies, activists and other sectors are encouraging everyone to recycle to manage the wastes that every household disposes. There are also green study being conducted in different sectors may it be in industrial, commercial and private entities that gives out information on the importance of protecting our environment. Some recommendations even include buy green household products or what is called environment friendly products.

In our county they gave out handouts on how to start recycling and what are the wastes that are appropriate for recycling. Here in our apartment complex the waste management is pretty well-established. There are designated area for disposing our garbage and there is also a recycling area with appropriate labels. There's even an area where we can put stuff that we wanted to donate to charities. Now I am more encouraged to segregate our trashes and whenever we have our own place I am still going to continue to recycle and help our environment.

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