Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Ladies on Christmas Eve

The Christmas party that we planned for us was held on Christmas eve. It was only a small get together but it turned out great. We enjoyed the food, and there are lots of them. The kids also enjoyed playing. Too bad our place was small we were not able to have a big dance area. But nevertheless we had fun. We exchanged stories about being left by our husbands since most of us are military wives and husbands are currently deployed. We all shared the same feelings celebrating the season.

We exchanged gifts and there's videoki too. It's always present during get together(s). Our party ended early since we all have small kids and after the whole afternoon playing they started to get cranky. It was my first time hosting a small get together as well and I'm glad it turned out well. But I still have to make some improvements though next time. At least I survived with help of some of our dear friends.

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