Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking for Work

When we moved here I was thinking of going back to work. But circumstances prevented me from getting a job. Hubby's deployments and taking care of our child is among them. A friend of mine who works in a hospital told me to apply for some clerical job in the hospital where she worked at but the hours will not jived with my availability. Even my husband's friend also told me if I want to work they can help. I was told if I'm interested I can submit my application in the company that she worked with since they are in need of help. They even start having an employee screening to those who were able to pass the interview. But then hubby is not around and I am just a worry-wart to leave our daughter at a day care whole day. Next year when hubby comes back from deployment I would surely look for a job and determined to have one. For now I will enjoy my present situation and continue to take good care of our child and our household.

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