Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Need Fat Burner?

Well I think some people will be looking for fat burner after the holiday feast. The feasting is non stop for a lot of folks since Thanksgiving. The parties are left and right. When I was still in the Philippines, we used to visit relatives and every visit there's food served for us. In our family there are many celebrations on this month as well. My sister and niece celebrates the 25th with their birthday. On the 26th another niece celebrates birthday as well. Then come New Year's day, our father will be celebrating his birthday. So imagine the celebration and feasting. My sister was the first one to tell me that she'll need to shed the gained pounds after the holiday. Well for me I won't need it for now so I am okay to feast and pig out. For others, just make sure to eat healthy even on this holiday!

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