Saturday, December 25, 2010


Wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!!

Insurance Company

There are many debates about insurance companies do not offer full coverage of health benefits for people with pre-existing conditions. I even heard on the news about certain patient whose medications were not covered for various reasons. This is why, according to financial experts, you really need to shop for insurance companies that will suit your needs and gives you the bang for your back. I heard goodness about Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage insurance. I have a friend that lives down south and have this insurance and so far they are happy with it. I know when my husband will be out of the military we need to look into additional or secondary insurance. Hopefully we can find one that will give us peace of mind in the future.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decking the Halls

Contribution by Paula Gonzales.

The Christmas decorating process is one of my very favorites of the year. There are few things that take so much work that are so much fun for the whole family. My entire family looks forward to this project of togetherness and is on constant alert during the Christmas season for more decorations to add to our household collection. We keep decorations from at least five to ten years in the past, depending on the condition of the decorations.

Everything begins with the Christmas tree. It's the cornerstone of our decorating process and something that we take great pride in. Every year there are dozens of new ornaments added to the old collection. Each one is something that means a great deal to all of us as a family. After the decorating is done, we all know that we're going to look forward to a long evening of watching TV by Direct and all its many Christmas shows. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year for all of us.

As we've grown closer as a family, the decorating for the holidays procedure has become more and more important to all of us. We're a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more ready to have fun together as we make our house a home and welcome in the Christmas holiday season.


One thing that really frustrate me is when I am talking on the phone then suddenly it cut me off because of signal or just simply the phone is acting up. And yes I always get this frustration lately when I am using our home phone. We have this phone for three years now and the battery dies easily and when I am on the phone the other line always complain about me cutting off.

Now one of my list to have for next year is to get replacement for our home phone units. I am browsing and reading cordless phone reviews so far panasonic has great reviews. I am looking at least two handless sets, one for the living room and an extension in our room. I can't wait for a new one so I can talk over the phone without interruptions.

Preparing for Christmas

We have been busy these past weeks that we are not yet done with Christmas decorating and wrapping gifts. I thought I would really be early in doing what needs to be done for the holidays but I am still late.

Me and hubby were both busy not only with work but also with our studies. When we are at home we do house chores take care of the kids and do our online classes.

Actually I can do some of the things that we needed to do but I don't like dragging the kids out due to our bad weather here. It's always raining. Then our DD2 got sick. It got me so worried and I did not go out of the house that much.

Hopefully when everything is done, the school work and hubby starts his vacation, then we can concentrate on doing the last minute Christmas shopping.

Getting Rid of Two Printes

Before my husband went to Iraq last year he told me he will get another printer. I told him to wait for it since we have two printers currently. We have lexmark and brother printers. If he will buy another one then I want to get rid of these two because we don't have space to store it in. When he got back in August he was planning of getting one right away good thing he listened. Honestly I want to wait until we can have our own place to replace some of our office equipment. I am planning of having a home office once I finished my certificate program in medical transcription. It is still a long way but time flies fast so it will be just around the corner so to speak. So for now I will just have to continue to convince him not to get another printer.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Army Ball

I've been a military dependent for six years now and I haven't had the chance to attend a formal army ball. There were instances in the past that me and hubby planned to attend, but due to some circumstances we were not able to. Then we have kids and it is just impossible to find a reliable sitter to watch over them while we are away. It would be nice to attend on one. I wanna know what it is like. A friend of mine who attended along with her husband told me that it's just the same with any other party except you can see partners ans service members were dressed elegantly. The women in formal ball gowns, prom dresses, or a formal long gowns while the men in their dress blues.

One time when hubby told me we will be attending a ball, I went to buy me a formal dress, shoes, and even accessories. Then he said we will not attend anymore I was kind of disappointed. I returned what I bought since I won't be able to use it anyway. Hubby told me to keep it but I said I'll be able to find another one appropriate for the next party or ball.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrubs for Medical Practitioners

I have many friends working here in the US or abroad that works as medical practitioners. Most of them are working as nurses and care givers. I've been working as a nursing assistant three years ago as well. Almost all of us have the same concern, where to get a comfortable medical scrubs without breaking the bank.

Some of them made their own, like sewing their own scrubs. I told my husband then that if only I know how to sew I will make my own as well. I just don't want to go to that hassle. Good thing this time you can already buy scrubs online inexpensively.

Before, if I were to ask I will not buy anything online especially if I'm going to wear it but when I tried buying stuff online and choosing the right size I am now hook into online shopping. The same with buying medical scrubs online at blue sky scrubs you only need to choose from among their designer scrubs and the right fit for you. They have lots of selection and affordable for a comfortable scrubs with top notched quality. Now I know where to get one once I go back to working in medical field.

Supermall on Saturday

This past weekend we thought of starting our Christmas shopping. I thought hubby will only drive to the nearest mall from our place but he decided to go to the supermall which is a 40 minutes drive. It is an outlet mall so there were really good deals over there except that the tax is higher from where we live.

As usual I was only able to get stuff for the kids. I just can't resist getting the kids cute stuff. I know I need to resist the temptation which most of the time I am really good at anyways. It is only when I see really good deal that I splurge a bit for the kiddos.

While inside the mall we passed through the kids play area and our DD1 was so excited to ride on the carousel. Hubby was at the sprint store with our tiny one so I accompanied her riding on a merry-go-round. She had a blast as I can see her face lit up.

The mall has a kind of round floor plan that you have to go around in order to check out all the vendors inside. While we go around I saw a kiosk or like a vending machine for acne products. I haven't seen one ever so I think it's kind of cool. But I am also thinking how can one know it's the right product for them unless they've seen their dermatologist before getting one. In a way though it is a good marketing strategy.

We left the mall passed 8pm and my feet hurts really bad after since I did not wear a comfortable walking shoes. I have it now in my list to get as gift for myself. A nice pair of shoes that I can use for work and walking.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cordial Cherries and Christmas

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez.

While I was watching satellite television from tonight I saw an advertisement for Queen Anne cordial cherries. I always forget just how much I love cordial cherries until November hits every year. I love chocolate covered cherries and look forward to the holiday season when I can indulge in my favorite candy once again.

I am actually very fussy when it comes to my cordial cherries. I am especially fond of the ones that have a maraschino cherry in a clear liquid, all wrapped up inside of a yummy dark chocolate shell. The best part of the Christmas season is that you can find them at a lot of stores for a wide variety of prices.

To make the holiday season a little bit brighter, Hershey's has now started making cherry cordial Kisses. They usually fly off of the shelves in the local stores. I grab them when I can and keep them in dishes around my house so that everyone can enjoy them.

There are few candies that I indulge in, but during the holiday season, I have to have my cordial cherries. I'll even settle with the ones that have the white filling and milk chocolate if I have to, all of them are just that good.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Experience

Well, this is my experience as a retail worker not a shopper during black Friday. I was at work at 4pm and the store I am working with opened up at 5pm. When I got to my workplace I was shocked to see the very long line and there were tents outside too. I believe they were camping there since earlier of the week.

The management offered coffee to shoppers also outside and some of my co-workers were handing coffee to those who wanted it. It was pretty systematic too because when the door opened I didn't really see people rushing in. There were police officers also at the door and outside the store standing by.

I was at the front lane and the check out line was very long but we were pretty much fast in checking people out. I wasn't really sure about the situation at the sales floor but with us in the front lane there wasn't any issue at all.

I heard and seen on the news wherein some stores had problem with customers rushing inside and customers got hurt. I am not sure if I will do black Friday shopping. I know you can really score on some door busters but I just don't wanna get hurt while going in with the crowd once store doors opened.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Day

We did not plan big for our Thanksgiving but something that our family can enjoy as part of our tradition. As usual turkey is present. This is our third time cooking whole turkey and I use different recipe each time. I love to try different flavors and this year's turkey was for me the best taste so far. I copied the recipe online and I'm so pleased with the result.

With all the food we prepared until now we still have some left over. Tomorrow we will be tossing some of it that we can't already consume. I know we shouldn't have cooked too much but we already did and now I may need to click here to help me not to gain too much weight. We have invites for holiday parties and I have to watch out not to binge to much. I hope I can help it.

Oily Face

One thing that I really don't like when I am gaining weight is also having an oily face. Maybe I have too much excess fats that it will come out on my face. With the oily face also goes the blackheads. It's been two years now that I have facial and I am pretty sure that I will need blackheads treatment already especially on my nose area.

I asked hubby to prick some of it but there are those stubborn ones that I don't want him to prick too hard. If only having regular facial is not expensive I will do it every month. I can't afford it here. One of these days I will go to the salon and have one to pamper myself. I know I deserve it since I've been nice :-)

Our Baby is Growing Fast

Our little one is growing so fast. I think that's how babies are; they grow fast like a weed. I am really cherishing each moment with our girls.Paying attention to their every development for when the day passed you can no longer bring back the time.

It seemed like I gave birth yesterday but our DD2 is now seven months old. Five more months and she will turn a year old. It will be a great milestone for her having reached a year in existence. I can't wait for the day but also be missing the times when she's just a tiny little baby.

Right now I am already thinking of what will be the theme on her first birthday. I will surely be needing 1st birthday invitations to give out to friends. For our oldest girl we haven't given her a birthday party on her 1st birthday but we made it up on her third. We were moving when she turned one year old. Hopefully for our second daughter we can give her a nice birthday celebration when turn one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

Have you decided what to give for your loved ones this Christmas? I have the tendency to procrastinate in buying stuff. I always told myself to start planning early but I ended up doing it in an eleventh hour. My husband was telling me she may have to go with the crowd on black Friday because of one item he's eying of getting for one of the kids. This will be our dilemma now because I have to work early and I don't want him to drag the kids out that early.

Anyways, one cute stocking stuffer I am thinking of getting are custom usb drives for our students. We have four students and I am pretty sure they can use it with their school research or whatever they can use it to. It will be handy in transferring their files from one computer to another. I hope I still have time to order it. It is really a neat idea.

Christmas is Here

Well, not literally that Christmas is here since we have to celebrate Thanksgiving first. Why I said it's here is because we decided to put up our christmas decorations this early. Hubby had our tree up yesterday and before I went to work we decorated the tree. Both him and our preschooler finish decorating since I have to leave for work.

Usually we will have it up after Thanksgiving but he already cleaned up our storage and took out the decors. I don't want him to put it back so we have it up now so early. Our older daughter love the idea of having the Christmas stuff up already. She helped out her Daddy hanging the ornaments.

When I got home from work the tree looked gorgeous already. The kids were already asleep. This morning when our eldest woke up she went to our bedroom. She then told me she broke some ornaments and she's sorry. According to hubby she was banging the ornaments like cymbals and it got broken. Good thing she's not hurt. Only her feelings since Daddy put her in a short time out.

I am glad though that we already started decorating for Christmas. Now we will just have to do a little shopping for gifts to wrap and put under the tree.

Work Update

Now that I'm back working I feel like I need to go fast every time. It's not really easy but so far we are handling it well. I like the idea of having productive time rather than just moping at home when I feel frustrated because I am not working.

At any rate, this time the challenge of going to work outside home is tough for me. I am not used to driving in the snow. The past days until now we have a very low temperature here and even had snow storm due to this arctic blast. We are expecting a very nasty winter.

I went to work last night and I was driving very slow because of the icy road condition. I even asked my husband to drop me off but I don't want him to drag the kids in a chilly evening when picking me up. So I braved it and thankfully I got to my job place fine.

I got off at 10pm and boy my car was frozen I had a hard time opening it. I stayed in the parking lot for few minutes to defrost my windshields. The road became so slippery because of the frozen snow on the ground. I don't have a traction tire so I was driving very slow. Good thing my job is only 3-5 min away from home. I hope the weather gets better because I will be working very early on black Friday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Acne

Babies go through a stage where they will have some rashes in their face as well as what we they call baby acne. When I had my first born I wasn't that comfortable looking at my baby with these small rashes and acne in her face that I asked my husband to bring her to the hospital for check up. When we did the appointment I asked the pediatrician if there is an acne solutions that work for her acne. The doctor told me that it will go away and heal itself. True enough I did not apply anything to it and it just faded away.

I learned my lesson the first time that when we had our second baby I did not panicked when she had the same during the first few weeks of life. I know that it is only temporary and it will fade away. Right now I noticed some small rashes on her forehead and I am not worried since I know it will fade away as well. Last month she had some on her cheeks and I did not do anything with it then it went away. I only wash her face with lukewarm water. When I bathe her I will only wipe her face with the lukewarm towel and sometimes with a little of baby bath soap. Their skin is just so sensitive that regular soap is not advisable to use.

Diet Solution

I know come next year a very over used new year's resolution will be to lose weight or have a healthy lifestyle. With this, many will be looking for diet solution. Many will be looking for an effective weight loss supplements in order to shed the pounds gained during the holiday season. I may say, I may be one of these people that will put lose weight in my list for new year's resolution. Every year I have this in my list but I am only good during the first few months and will be lazy afterward. Next year I will try not to make a commitment. I will just do whatever I can to live healthy. Actually I don't have to wait until next year. We should do it daily. We should live healthy because it is for our own good. I, for myself need to start now and not next year. We have family history of different diseases and I need to do it not only for myself but also for my husband and my kids. I want to see what they become and I can only do that if I am free of illness and be safe at all times.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sending Out the Holiday Cards

Wow few more days and it's December already. I am planning to have a personalized holiday cards to give to our family, relatives, and friends. Last year I just bought boxes of greeting cards that I sent out to everybody. I wrote all by myself the addresses outside the envelopes because I did not print any labels. I could have used rubber stamps for convenience but it totally went off my mind. This time I will be more organized and plan it will so I will not repeat what I did the last time. I will also do my best to send out the cards as early as possible so it will be in their hands before Christmas and not after the holidays. I know, I asked forgiveness to all my relatives and friends that got our holiday greetings late :-) I am going to do my best that it will be early this time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Longest Power Outage

Ever since I came here in the US I haven't experience a power outage that will last for an hour until last night. The evening started with rain and not so strong winds. When hubby came home from work around 6pm I asked him if it's still raining. He said it was raining. After we had dinner I noticed our light flickers. Hubby said he has a feeling that power will be out. Then it went off for a couple of seconds and came back on. It went on and off for a few times until around passed 9:30pm when it went off and didn't came back on.

We constantly check outside and the wind was blowing so strongly you can hear its sound and creaking of trees. It was scary to look at. I know by then that the power company will have their plate full fixing damage power lines. True enough the power outage went until the morning. I wasn't able to cook breakfast nor heat anything. Good thing we have hot and cold tap water. I submerged our daughter's food jar in a hot water to warm it while me and DD1 had cereal with milk. At lunch time hubby bought us hot lunch and brought hot water for the little one's warm milk. It was so thoughtful of him to do it for us.

So far, it was the longest power outage I experienced here in the US. I thought I have to discard our food in the freezer if the light did not come on today. Now I need to replenish our emergency supply that we used up last night, like batteries and stuff.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Traditional Country Fair

Contribution by Johnny Avila.

My missus loves the country fair, it's a chance for her to sell the jams and preservatives that she has been making for the last few months from the fruit in our own garden, all the jars traditionally topped with pieces of white cloth tied and with thin string, all sold from authentic looking wicker baskets, typical country style.

This year, I really wanted to go to the country fair, there was to be a pie eating contest, and this year, we were going to win, not me, my 13 year old son, he is skinny, but he could eat alot, like a little Desperate Dan. The missus walked around selling her jam to locals and tourists, whilst I watched over a sheep dog, guiding the sheep perfectly into a temporary pen. I bought a raffle ticket to win a free lunch for two at the local pub, I didn't win, but the pubs landlords daughter did, strange that.

The day continued at a lovely slow pace, the missus sold all but two of her jams, my son came second in the pie eating contest, and I had bought a thimble, with a picture of a church on it, for my mum. And now the day is over, I can go home to relax in front of the television set, and watch some expertsatellite tv.

Monday, November 8, 2010


God's creation is just amazing. You can revel the marvels and beauties of nature and every time it is just breath-taking.

Early last month we decided to drive around our area and its neighboring places. We then drove to the famous Mt. Ranier since it was a not so cold day. On our way there, we drove to this road where the trees are all aligned on both sides of the road. When you look beyond the horizon you will picture out the V-shape canopy of trees seemed like to point to the end but as you drive through it is endless. I then took my camera and click a random picture. I only have a 7.1 mega pixel point-and-shoot camera but I think it still looks lovely.

I really like to look at picturesque views and it give you some sort of pleasure. It's kind of relaxing and make you weave a dream.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday Night Ritual

Guest post of the week by Hal Hughes.

Every Friday night me and the family have a ritual. We go to the theater and see the second or third movie on the marquee, whichever has the most vowels. It matters not what that movie is, since we are all lovers of cinema, even the bad kind, and knowing in advance what you want to watch simply ruins the surprise. Of course, some times the surprise is extra gory, as the violence in movies has been amped up recently beyond anything I could ever imagine in my wildest nightmares. And the kids will be having plenty of them, nightmares, as they watch gore movie after gore movie thanks to our randomizing system.

One day the kids were so fraught with consternation that I had to apply a sedative to their veins, the ones I steal from the hospital where I work. That did the trick, and even induced a bit of memory loss, which was good because the memories they accumulated were enough to ruin their fragile minds. The next morning we ate delicious pancakes and planned our next Friday night. The theater experience is really something that has brought our whole family together. Of course, as we live in a shoddy neighborhood and leave at the same time every Friday, I always make sure to set the inhomesecurity home security alarm before we leave the house.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dressing Your Furniture

One thing to update living room sets is to put a slip cover on it. That is what we did before with hubby's futon. We bought futon covers and basically change it when it's time to. It is inexpensive and give your living space fresh look. I also tried slip covers for the sofa and couch before we bought our new sets.

Right now, the type of furniture we have in our living room is a sectional. I am not sure if I can find exact size for it for slip cover. I may have a hard time looking for one when I decided to dress it up especially that holidays is coming. I like to decorate for Christmas and I might just get a Christmas theme pillows if I can't find a nice slip covers for it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Old Pix

Facebook is really fun. One of my friends back in the Philippines posted this picture of us. I forgot what was the occasion but it was for sure one of the activities Junior Jaycees of our town was hosting.

I remember that we hold a lot of activities, like charity works, fund raising. I kind of miss those stuffs. It was a great thing young professional organizations like what we had join together and do noble cause for the community.

If I have ample time here and free day I would really go out and volunteer. I did volunteered for American Red Cross back in Ft. Benning when I didn't have kids yet. Maybe when they are older I can bring them to some community activities and volunteer.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter Clothing

We recently went winter clothing shopping. I am a sucker for sales and we were so glad we were able to get good deals. Hubby's stuffs costs more than ours and the kids. I felt that I need to change his whole wardrobe. I told him that he can wear cardigans for casual attire especially when going to church instead of always wearing two or three piece suits. He gave me a nod already when I told him about changing his way of dressing up.

I was browsing online and saw coogi clothing so appealing. I bet he will like it as well. The styles are like the ones that we just bought recently. He said he needs couple of cardigans and sweaters. I will show him what I found and see if he will approve of it. It is fun dressing him up. I am like his personal stylist since we are together.

Weight Problem

I wouldn't say that I have a very serious weight problem but within our genes is a precursor of getting overweight after a period of time from giving birth. Our mother gained weight as years passed as well as my older sisters who had children. I now have two kids and I am so sure that if I will not watch out what I am eating I am also a candidate to become overweight.

Sometimes it is depressing because you can't just eat what you want and how much you want because of the fear to balloon sideways. Then as you gain more weight there are health issues that goes with it. I know this is genetic for us so I don't have any choice but have to deal with it. This is why I like to research more about obesity and weight loss in order for me to be aware.

With my research over the internet, I found a lot of interesting information. There is a plant where an active ingredient of weight loss pills, hoodia, that is very effective came from and this is called hoodia gordonii plant from Africa. This kind of information is very interesting to know.

I am glad that there is the internet where information about anything is so accessible right at our fingertips. This greatly helps in my quest to learn more about just anything including weight problem.

Trunk or Treat

Our friend invited us to go with them trunk or treating at their church's parking lot. I wasn't sure of it if we go since it was raining but our DD1 was so persistent she wanted to go. So we went with them and put on our costumes too.

It was my first time to wear a costume during Halloween. Last year I did not bother because I was pregnant. I wasn't thinking of getting a costume but DD1 said to me while we bought hers that the Empress costume was beautiful for Mommy so I decided to get it and told her we can wear it together while trick or treating.

We both enjoyed the event but one disaster happened that I wasn't able to go around the parking lot for the trunk or treat. I accidentally locked my car while it was still running. We don't have spare key so I ended up calling road side assistance. All in all I am still glad we went because it made our daughter happy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Present for My Husband...And Me

Guest post written by Carol Purvis

The other day I purchased a brand new GPS device as a retirement present for my husband. We always talked about how once he retires, we are going to visit all the states in the U.S. The device was a not-so-subtle reminder to him that I actually plan on going through with itÑha! WeÕve always wanted to do something like that, and we are finally going to get the chance here shortly. I absolutely can not wait!

I knew a GPS would be the perfect gift because they really are incredible, and will get you out of any pickle on the road. I have a GPS application on my phone, which alone has helped me tremendously. I can only imagine how helpful a GPS that attaches to your windshield could be. We could find just about any destination in America! The other week I used my little GPS to find a hearing test in new york without a problem. If youÕve been to new york city, you know that driving around isnÕt easy, and this device helped me get there easily. I am confident that my gift for Seth can help us get anywhere.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hectic Schedule

The coming days will be very hectic for all of us here at home. I will be starting to work out of home part-time and juggle with it taking care of the household and kids as well as attending to our online classes. I am very excited to work again but apprehensive if we can take care of everything without stress. I am thinking our situation will become the best slimming pill for me in the days ahead. I know this will be physically and mentally draining. Me and my husband is now trying to make a time management plan in order for us to attend to our respective tasks as smoothly as possible. Taking care of small kids and attending classes and working is really a stressful undertaking but we need to work it out because this is for our future. I am just praying that we can go through everything that we have and it will work out for the best of our family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Very Sad News

I received a very sad news yesterday from sister. Our Mom was rushed to the hospital after suffering a major stroke. Right now she is still in the ICU. She is responding very well now though half of her body is still not responding very well. I do pray for her fast recovery. I know God will answer our prayers and we are keeping our faith in Him.

As my sister narrated, they were at our local elementary school to vote since it was the barangay election in the Philippines. After she voted the teacher put an indelible ink on her finger she passed out. Some people tried to do emergency resuscitation on her but she just went to sleep and was snoring. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and was given medication. She was stabilized first and then brought to a bigger hospital in another city.

Being so far from them gives me a frustrating feeling. In times like this I wish I am there by her side. I can't do anything but just pray and hope for the best. I know my parents are not getting any younger. I wish too that it is easy to go back home but there are so many things to consider. Although right now me and my husband is thinking of going to the Philippines but we need to have our baby girl's passport done. Right now I am always waiting for update from my sisters.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Parents Joint Problems

I know when we get older we also start to feel and suffer different illnesses. We may have the simple illness or acute ones but I know somehow we get the old age sufferings. Speaking of which, my parents are complaining of different health issues. One of their complaints is the joint pain. I think they have been complaining about it ever since can remember. I was once looking for an msm dietary supplement for both my parents in order for them to get alleviation from what they are feeling. They are not getting any younger and they need dietary supplement to keep them going aside from eating healthy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blessed with PR

There are so many things to be thankful for in our life; may it be big or small. In my personal life, I can't thank God enough for all the blessings. One of the things that I am grateful for is having a page rank for my blogs. It has been a while that I enjoy a PR for my blogs and I am so glad I have it right now. I am thinking of submitting my blogs to free directory to increase visitors to my sites. I am not savvy on how to target it but I hope I will be able to pull it. Right now I am visiting free directory websites and check out more information about it. I hope also that my PR will stay longer.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Achieving My Weight Loss Goal with The Biggest Loser

Author: Jonathan Suarez.

I love to sit down and watch The Biggest Loser as it helps to keep me motivated in my quest to drop some extra pounds. Often I am not home when it first comes on, but thankfully I have satellite TV from so I can catch it when it is shown on the West Coast. I am no more than twenty pounds overweight at any time and know I can lose it thanks to the participants on this reality show. If they can drop a hundred pounds or more, I can easily lose these last twenty.

There is so much more I learn from this show though. Not only does The Biggest Loser show me how to drop the pounds, it also talks about why people gain weight. Listening to the participants talk about when they eat and why has made me to stop to consider my eating habits. I always said I ate when I was stressed, but I have now learned that I also do it when I am bored. Thanks to this realization, I now stop before snacking to ask why I want the food. This has helped considerably in my weight loss quest. Not only will I watch The Biggest Loser until these twenty pounds are gone, I plan on watching it until it goes off the air. Once I lose the pounds, I don't want them to come back.

I'm So Blessed

It's been three years since I stopped working. I wanted to go back to the workforce when our DD1 was a year old but because of our situation I wasn't able to. When I was ready to go back to work then I got pregnant with our DD2 and came hubby's deployment.

Now that hubby is back and he will not be deployed for another year or two, we decided that I will go back to work. I applied for a seasonal job and by God's grace I got hired. I will start training this coming week. I was told during my interview that even though I only applied as a seasonal worker, if the position is still available and my performance is good, I can be retained to become a regular employee.

I am so thankful to God and the people that hired me. This will be my first job here in this state and I am very excited. I am working as part time only and my schedule will be more on weekends and evening time. I know me and hubby can work out with our schedule and in taking care of our two wonderful girls.

We Are Not Getting Any Younger

It was very funny the other day when I heard my husband blurting out loudly saying, "Oh no! I got gray hair already!" It made me laugh looking at his face like it is going to be the end of the world. I know some people are dreading the thought of having gray hair or even forehead wrinkles. All of us will reach that stage and it is natural. I know we are not getting any younger and evidence of aging is slowly coming out and become visible. I am not scared of growing old. I welcome it with all mt heart because it is the way it is. We can use a lot of stuff to prevent aging but still it will come to show. We have different ways of dealing with it but for me the most important thing is I also become wiser as I mature and grow old.

I Gained Weight

Before my husband arrived from deployment my weight was already under my pre-pregnancy weight. I really didn't work hard for it nor use the most effective weight loss diet pills but I was losing weight quiet well naturally. When hubby arrived, I cook everyday and we also eat out or get take outs. I scaled myself and true enough it went back up. My big problem is the tummy area where I have loose skin from being pregnant. It sure is hard to tighten up. It may take me years or maybe forever it will be a little sag. So, me and hubby is determined to do exercise daily and make sure we are doing it by reminding each other. I am glad with our set up and it keep us both in check. What we are doing is not only for us to look good but also to keep us fit and healthy for ourselves and for our kids.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blues Clues at Halloween

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell.
The favorite seasonal Halloween program for my little tots is the Blues Clues special called "Blue's Big Costume Party." We saw it the last two years in a row and hope to see it again this year on satellite tv. Blue is a dog that belongs to Steve and they follow clues each episode to find out something that Blue wants to do or say or sing or whatever.
In this super cute Halloween episode all of Blues friends are dressed up in costumes for Halloween and you get to follow the clues to figure out what everyone is dressed as. This show really helps kids with problem solving skills as it asks them to solve riddles and puzzles throughout the program.
My kids love the songs. Their favorites are the opening song and the mail time song. My kids used to always sing the mail song whenever we would go to the post office, which always got the postal workers laughing.
Halloween just wouldn't be the same with out our favorite Blues Clues episode.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mt. Ranier Escapade

Yesterday we decided to drive going to Mt. Ranier National Park, it is the famous mountain here in the Northwest. We've been there once in 2oo8 and haven't been back until yesterday. It was a nice day but we drove up kind of late so we were not able to walk towards the highest area of the park.

It was a sight to behold once you're at the top. There are log cabins or inns that you can stay in for the night but they are not open all the time. At Longmire, 6 miles from the park entrance, there are cabins to rent, service area, museum and restaurant. We may go back there again sometime. Maybe spring time or early summer when it's not that cold :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Additional Security

Our DD2 is now six months old and I need to check my child-proofing again. She is learning to grab things, she is already rolling over and long before we know it, she can already crawl and open cabinet doors, drawers and the likes. I also have to make sure the door hinges of the lower cabinets are sturdy enough not to fall off when she starts banging it. I already bought safety locks to install although most of the lower drawers still have safety locks from my child-proofing for our DD1. The big thing for me now is to always clean or vacuum the carpet since she is learning to crawl and sit by herself.

Portable Flash Drive

I will be needing new flash drive to store some of the files that I needed to bring when we go for a short vacation next week. I have lots of Adobe files for my readings as well as exercises that needs to be finished in two weeks. Hubby already planned out how he's going to divide his time to finish his assignments. Actually, he already started early this week. I am so slacking so I have to double my time now to at least have a stress free vacation. An assignment and readings will surely add to the stress if I will not have a plan of attack. Good thing we have this technology now that we can use to help us in managing our time as well as bring electronic files anywhere we go.

Rising Career

I was reading career news online last week and it was said that accounting finance jobs is one of the careers or jobs that is on the rise. It also pays a hefty amount once you have the proper credential or a certified accountant. My good friend who decided to go back to college is right now taking business program majoring in accounting. She is on the mark with it and I know she will be successful. I like to study accounting but I am more inclined with medical field than business. My older sister has accounting and finance degree. After working in a big company for more than 20 years, she decided to retire and now managing their own business. At least, this career you can use any way you want.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wow! October came by really quick, huh! I say it will be an uber-October because we are kinda full in schedule this month. There are just too many events and going-ons. There's doctor's appointments for the little one, school activities for our preschooler, Daddy's uncasing ceremony and then block leave, we have our online classes, and during Daddy's leave we have the planned vacation.

I am hoping though that hubby's block leave will be able us to recharge even though we have a lot of things to do. One thing is good though, that it will make the days go by faster because of busyness. With our vacation plan, we have actually two. If plan A will not work out, then we proceed with the plan B. Whichever plan we take on, it will surely be fun.

Boost Your Immune System

As we know that when the weather starts to get cooler, it is also time for flu shot. Honestly, I haven't had any flu shots ever since I came here in the US. Just the thought of injecting a live virus to my body in order for me to get protected is somewhat scary. But in God's grace, I am okay and haven't been sick during cold season. What I do is take multivitamins to boost my immune system, exercise, good rest and sleep, and eat healthy. I believe that when you have a healthy living you will unlikely to get sick. I may be lucky or what but still I will not get flu shots this winter. I just hope and pray that I will be safe and healthy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spa Day

My husband and two daughter got cough and colds. I am glad I have strong resistance to disease, thanks God, that I am the last one standing without it. I am really trying my best to eat right, exercise, and sleep good to boost my immune system. I drink plenty of water in a day too. Even at night time when I am feeding the little one I made sure I have water beside me. There are nights that my sleep is like those of a chicken. It is off and on since I am taking care of my sick babies. I was even thinking of dipping in a spa and have a full body massage to relax my body. I went to the pool area of our complex to check out the spa/jacuzzi and I saw the spa cover was on meaning nobody is using it. It could hav been perfect just to dip in a bubbling water but the weather was kinda cold. Next weekend when it is sunny I may have to check it out again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Times of Emergency

Economic hardships really affect alot of people. I've seen more and more people saying their lives are being changed when the economy went down. We can't deny it that we felt it in our family as well. This is the time that we have to tighten our belts in order to save and prepare for rainy days. I know of some friends that told me they seek the help of payday advance loans in time of emergency. Good thing they give services to people that are in need. I know this is not something like charity but this is helpful when you have unforseen expenses such as medical emergencies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Is Here!

Around 8:09PM here is the exact start of the fall season according to the weather forecast from our local news station. It's amazing how they point the exact time when season changes. It is one of the wonder of technology and development.

Anyways, I do love fall or autumn season. It is for me the mildest weather. I like the cooler breeze of air during this time of the year as well. We don't have fall weather in the Philippines. When I first saw the leaves changed it colors and then fell on the ground, it was a sight to behold. God's wonder is really an amazing thing to see. I am hoping this fall there won't be too much rain. But nowing here in the northwest wherein 9 out of 12 months we experience the wet days, whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall.

So, what are your plans for this fall? For sure we will be expecting the Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am excited for both since this will our DD2's first. More fun with my two girls. I can't wait!

Slow Metabolism

BoldI once wondered before if my metabolism is slow since I don't loss weight even if I was exercising. I always feel tired and sluggish even if I have enough sleep. Because of it, I asked my husband if it is okay to take fat burners. He said yes but I need to consult a health professional before using anything. I did not take anything though. I was worried that the effect will be worst than my current concern. Good thing now my old self is back. As a matter of fact my weight is now below my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope to maintain it or lower it a little bit. I feel more active now also and I can keep up with all my chores and taking care of our two darling daughters.

Review Product Search

When you are in doubt of something that you wanted to buy and use for yourself, there is the internet to look for answers. I know, because of the many products contradicting each other, deciding for the right one is difficult. One product differs in price, brand, quality, effects, and the likes. Example of these products is the weight loss pills. Many people wanted to loss weight that is why manufacturers are making different products for the consumers. But as consumer, we should not buy right away whatever we saw on commercial tv or print ads. We have to check out the weight loss product reviews before deciding for one. You can find best answer for your question by going to reliable sites; those that give you unbiased answers. The process of decision-making may be long but it is better in order for us to be aware.

Beware of Bride-zilla

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder.

The best wedding themed show by far is "Bridezilla" on the TLC network. I watch it on my satellite TV when there is nothing on our nfl Sunday ticket for the best reception and picture quality. I love crazy some of the brides get when they plan their big day. It really is incredible that some people live this way. I am sure that the producers edit the show to make them appear even worse. Thus, I am sure some girls are really very nice in real life but, on screen they are horrendous! If one thing does not go right then they leave destruction and tears in every single path. No one can escape their wrath and it makes you wonder what sort of man would put up with the crazy psycho? Even more puzzling is what family members or friends stick around after being treated like crap. The bride is hardly ever reprimanded after reminding everyone over and over that this is her big day and that it does not belong to anyone else!

Most of the time, the brides do not even have lavish weddings. Most are simple affairs that have been cavorted into extreme events thanks to the over imagination/ fantasy of the bride. Most of them do not have a whole lot of money to spend so they enlist the help from friends and family to help them out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Pretty Niece

Wow, I last saw my niece some six years ago. She was still in preschool then. We haven't seen her when we went home for vacation. They live in another province and she's in school.

Now she is almost out of grade school. She have grown so much. I just grabbed her photo in her facebook page. I believe this picture was taken during her birthday last month.

I am so proud of her because she is not only pretty, she is also smart and talented. She maintained being top one in their class since first grade and she can sing too. I hope to see her when we go back to Philippines again for vacation.

New Swimsuit

I just purchased a new swimsuit online. I know fall and winter is fast approaching and you may wonder where will I wear it. But, anyway, I bought it because we are planning to have a vacation soon and I can use it while being there. What I am hoping for right now is for me to lose weight some more so I will be proud to wear it. Though I am not taking any weight loss pills but my weight loss is on track. Honestly, I am not really dieting but the breastfeeding helps a lot in burning the calories. I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. Just a tad more and I will maintain that exact weight I am aiming. I tried the swimsuit as soon as I got it and it looks good but still the love handles is kind of prominent. I still have a month though for that vacation so I still have time to do my crunch and sit-ups.

Skin Care Problem

My skin is one of my problems ever since in my teenage years. I have this dry scaly skin especially in legs area. I know genetics also attributed to it but I have been looking for products that I can use to at least lessen it. Growing up I don't like wearing shorts that much because I am embarrassed by it. I used different types of body lotion before and some would only work for few months and if I continue using the product the problem recurs. Up to now I am still doing a trial and error when it comes to body lotion.

As I am now past my 30's I still have that problem. In addition to it is looking for products for my face. I am reading to many reviews and I didn't know about vitamin c serum being used in cosmetics products. I maybe out of the beauty world for not knowing it. Anyhow, it is very interesting to be informed about it. But there are also cautions for those who are going to use it. Accordingly, it is not for everybody. It really depends on what works for each of us. But I may look into this c serum it may have a good review to try on to.

I Miss The Philippines

It has been more than a year since I last visited my family back in the Philippines. Even though I talked to them often it is still not enough. We were planning for a vacation this year but I think it is not going to happen since we don't have enough time and hubby is also busy with work. Initially our plan will be this December but it is just too close to prepare everything. So we are looking now for some other time.

What is funny when we got back here from our vacation last year was that hubby was asking me how to lose weight fast. You will really gain weight over there because you will miss the food. My Mom cooked my favorite foods all the time. I am glad my husband is not a picky eater. He also ate whatever my Mom cooked except dried fish. I am pretty sure when we go back there I will gain weight again. It is just impossible to pass up those that I missed eating here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Do

I have been wanting to change my hairstyle or even just my hair color. I have black hair and ever since I haven't used any hair dye to change it color. Until late last month when my step daughter visited us for a week I decided to go to the salon to have my hair done.

I was apprehensive at first thinking it won't look good on me. But I have to try to see if it works or not. The process took longer than I thought. I was in the salon for about four hours. I had my hair done nails and even had my eyebrows waxed.

Now, I can say I am glad I did went to the salon because I like it very much. It does make a huge difference in my looks. Hubby said I look more beautiful and that is the most awaited compliment I want to hear that made the whole thing so worth it.

Fat Burners

Have you tried thermogenic fat burners? I am wondering what it was before. I thought it is a machine that you wrap around your body and burn your fats. So silly of me. According to the website I stumbled upon, this fat burners are very effective weight loss pill. Those that take thermogenic fat burners lost up to twenty pounds in just a month. But as what I believe in and just my humble opinion, that we should check first if what they claim is true. I know there are various ways of checking. Online review results in different search engines can help in looking for its facts. It is very important that we are aware so we will not put our health in jeopardy.

Looking Slimmer

This is what my friend told me after we were not able to see each other for two weeks. I asked her if it's for real because I don't feel it. Maybe because I'm looking at myself in the mirror everyday that I don't notice any changes. But if it is, then I won't be needing weight loss pills that work for myself. I will just continue what I'm doing and for sure I will loss the excess pounds. Combining your household chores, two active little girls, and school definitely can take some weight away. The hectic schedule juggling everything make you physically and mentally active burning calories fast. It is just my deduction though. I am not an expert so to speak. In the end, I am happy with the result and hopefully will maintain this weight or even loss some more later on.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride - was my friends statement to me before I got married. I know when we're young we dream of becoming a bride wearing a white bridal gown walking down the aisle to the altar where the groom awaits. I waited when I was almost thirty to get married. I became bridesmaid of my friends and cousins' weddings. So I have worn quite a few bridesmaid dresses already.

Now that I am married I have not become a matron of honor yet. I may not become one and will directly be one of the principal sponsor for the younger soon to be married couple. This means that I am not getting any younger. On the other note, me and my husband is planning to renew our vow in my home country. Maybe when we reach a decade of being married. We will see. It will all depend on the availability of time and funds. But we can start saving for it from now.

September Birthdays

The month of September is a special month for hubby since it's his birth month. This month also hold a lot of birthdays for our friends. The beginning of the month already have three invitations to which we only went one because the party was also in time and day of hubby's.

Two of my friends here also gave birth earlier this month. Only a day apart from each other actually. I told my friend that when their babies reaches a year old it will be a back to back kiddie birthday party. It's gonna be fun for sure. I like going attending to birthday parties over here. It is not only for Filipino food but most especially the get together, seeing my friends and their families.

Not A Good Thing

I was driving towards the hospital for my daughter's appointment when suddenly a car speeding up and cutting the other vehicle ahead of me. It definitely is not a good thing to do but I don't get why others would still do such a thing. Good thing the driver was fast enough to step on his break and noticed the speeder right away.

If you get into accident your cheap car insurance will no longer be cheap and most of all you wouldn't know the extent of damage you will cause to yourself and to the other motorist. There are laws just about for everything in order to prevent accidents on the road but still law breakers are not threatened by it. They keep doing same mistake and violates rules and regulations. I guess it's human nature but definitely it is a bad thing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Online Schooling

I am so glad that there are online schools you can choose right now to further your education. In my opinion, this is the best way to attain your educational goals especially if you are tied with family and work. Online education is very convenient. A lot of working individuals and even stay at home moms and dads chose to go for online education because of it's flexibility when it comes to schedule. I am a visual learner but I did not have a hard time adjusting to having online classes. Right now, me and my husband are both enrolled in an online classes. We have different online schools but we are supporting each other by managing our time here at home. I am happy that I can still watch my kids while taking classes. We were able to save from day care as well as with gas and clothing. If you are planning of going back to school, check out different online schools. Enroll and make the most of the opportunity to better your life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Service

We went to church this morning and as usual it was a great service. Last Sunday I wasn't able to finish the service because I have to go to the car to pacify our cranky DD2. She was crying and the only thing to console her is to breastfeed her. The feeding room was full so I did not go inside there. This morning when we arrived at the church she was asleep. But as soon as the singing and praising started she woke up and was babbling all along. I took her to the feeding room. This time it was not full.

The Bishop said that this month is a fight for your family month and that everyone should go to their family while the whole church do the prayer. I went back inside the sanctuary and hubby was so glad I did. He said he wanted me beside him while the church do the prayer. The Bishops call for prayer was so moving that alot of of churgoers really cried out loud. You can hear screaming, crying, singing and other type of noise. It was so moving. I never felt like crying so hard until that time. My tears just rolled down my cheeks I can't control it. Our DD1 kept whispering Mommy and wipe my tears in a way. She was in tears too seeing me crying. Me and hubby just hold hands comforting each other.

It was a wonderful feeling letting go of everything you fear and give it all to God. You felt relief as you know that God will be there to answer you and love you even in your inequities. Expressing your true self can help you in accepting your strengths and weaknesses. I am so thankful for every day of our lives that I have my family; my husband, my kids, and my extended family and friends. I am so thankful that God never stop loving us and always so forgiving.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking the Kids to the Movies

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy.

I have two eight year old siblings at home, and when they saw the commercials for Nanny McPhee, they begged to go to the movies to watch it. My attempts at telling them to be patient it will be on DVD soon fail get past the excuse of "Everyone at class is seeing it." I thought it over, and recalled that they have been very good lately, doing their chores and homework without me or my mother nagging them, so I took them to the day show.

We left a bit late, as both forgot where they put their shoes. After setting the homes alarm system, we piled into the car. While driving, we agreed to pick up one candy for each of them at the store, and buy one bag of popcorn at the movies. Boy, they were giddy when we showed up at the ticket door! As we waited in line for popcorn, my younger sister decided she had to go to the bathroom when we were less than two people away from the counter. I begged here to hold it, but that failed. So we went, and had to start all over in line again.

We got into the movie room just as the show was started, and thankfully all setbacks were erased as they loved the movie. I did not enjoy it as much as they did, but it was fun to get out of the house!

Buying a New Car

Last week while we were on our way to the mall we passed by a car dealership. My husband saw a four door Ford SUV for a very reasonable price. He told me what if we trade in his current SUV for that truck and just pay the difference. I told him that if he want my opinion I don't want to get another vehicle because ours is still running great. If ever we want another vehicle we can wait until we have our own place first. I just want to enjoy right now not paying for any monthly financing for vehicle. As long as we maintain well both our vehicle then it still has a long way to go before it will die on us.

So far both our vehicles are in good condition. We just changed some parts recently when hubby tuned it up. We didn't pay much of the parts though. We have it for quiet sometime now and still I am happy with it. My husband's favorite cars are Ferrari and Lamborghini. We were surfing online about these cars and boy he was very interested. He checked out different Ferrari parts and I know even the parts we can't afford. Well, who knows if we won the lotto then he can have his dream car. But for now we just have to put it off and wait til we already can.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

We are pretty much going to be very busy this quarter since we are going back to school again. Hubby is currently taking two classes and I am doing a one year program for Medical Transcription. Although my program is a flexible one but I still have to follow its timeline for me to finish it on time. I heard and read on my school's forum that some of the students extended their program because they were not able to finish it on time. For me I need to finish it or else I will pay back the tuition I am using the MyCAA funds and whatever you agreed for your term you must follow it.

I know I can finish it on time. I just have to manage my time properly. I know having two small kids and running the household is a bit too much if you add school but there are others that also have full time jobs on top of everything. So I know I can do it. With proper management of our time and set aside procrastination, then we can do it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Portable Career

I am very glad that the Department of Defense have a program that helps military spouses in going to back to school. They have the MyCAA program that help pay tuition and credentialing, licensing, certification fees. They wanted to help the spouses get a portable career. The military moves a lot from duty station to another. Right now I am taking advantage of this opportunity. I am aiming to focus on looking for healthcare jobs in the future. Right now I am taking the certification program of Medical Transcription. It is one of the portable careers that spouses can take using the MyCAA funds. If you are a military spouse and you want to better yourself, check this program and see if you qualify. It is best to be aware and make use of the opportunity that is out there to improve our quality of life.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall In Love

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes. Thank you.

My best friend Lauren and I absolutely love our chick flicks. Almost a new one comes out every week and we go and see it. It truly is roommate bonding time for the both of us as we swoon over the male lead in the film and wish we were the woman he was pursuing. Every Sunday night we set the security system and ADT carbon monoxide detector on our house and head down to the theater in the next town. We choose to go on Sunday nights because they are far less busy than Saturdays and Fridays.

We purchase our tickets and we always sit in the front row. Although it may cause a bit of a neck ache after the film we have found that the closer you sit the more real the picture becomes. If you sit somewhere in the middle or the back of theater you get caught up with what is happening around you. Girls are usually crying and guys are usually rolling their eyes. Kids are very impatient and someone always seems to be throwing popcorn. Sitting in the front eliminates or at least reduces the little aspects of life that pull you out of the movies. Lauren and I go to the movies so we can fall in love all over again.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going Out Minus the Kids

This afternoon my husband took the two older daughters out with him to have emission testing for both our vehicles. Me and the litlle one stayed at home. It was raining and I don't want the little one who already have the runny nose to be out in the rain. When they got back I told hubby I will go out to get something at the store. My friend C will be driving and we'll both go together to the store.

It was my first time to go out without the two kids with me. It felt so weird. Last week I already told my husband I will go out alone but I don't feel comfortable that I did not forego. Only earlier that I was able to be out. If it wasn't raining all of us will go out. As I've said it felt weird walking without the stroller to push and a toddler that I keep minding to. The advantage was I was able to do my shopping abreeze. I did not stay out so long coz I don't want the tiny one to cry too much or go starving.

Before I entered our unit I tried listening if there's a baby crying and I wasn't wrong. I heard her whimpering and when she saw me she burst to crying but hubby danced her around that from time to time she stopped. As soon as I get her from Daddy she was kicking and looking for the milk :-) She is such a darling. One thing I realized though, it is so hard to be away from our kids. Even for such a short time I already miss them very much.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Using the Internet to Prepare for a New Baby

Guest post written by our friend Gladys Fuentes.

When I was expected my children, I was very concerned with baby products and their safety. I wanted only the safest products available for my babies. Using my clear and tv bundle, I was able to read reviews and reports about all products I wanted to purchase.

Choosing a car seat was perhaps the most crucial baby item purchase. It would get near daily use and it needed to be as safe as possible. Using review sites and shopping sites I was able to make an informed decision about which brand to purchase. I knew I was educated on the directions on how to use a car seat and also the safest ones available. I was also able to use the Internet to find a great deal on the seat I wanted which helped me save a lot of money.

I used shopping sites to get real reviews of baby products online. Other mothers are a wealth of information and since they use the products daily they can give the best reviews. For safety issues, I went straight to the safety experts. I am confident that this helped me find the safest products for our needs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010


On Monday the world watched the most popular pageant, the Miss Universe. There were 83 beautiful, gorgeous, elegant and intelligent women vying for the crown. Miss Mexico, Jemina Navarrete, won the title.

Miss Philippines, Maria Venus Raj, came out as 4th runner up but she created a big buzz not only for the Filipinos but also in other nation because of her answer to the Q&A among the top 5 finalists. The questioned asked to her was very personal that even the foreign press said is hard to answer. The question was "What is one big mistake that you made in your life, and what did you do to make it right?"

A lot of people said she did not answer the question right but is there really a right answer to this question? Criticisms on different sites erupted because of her answer. I saw Diane Sawyer's news about her and her question and that even former Pres. George Bush did not answer the question right away or had a hard time answering it.

The most important thing is that she made it to the top 5 and she gave Philippines another honor. She is still humble, gracious and a positive person. She made us, Filipinos, proud. Congratulations Ms. Raj!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up

Guest post written by Caroline Byrne.

It’s funny how meeting up with old friends will make you realize why you were friends in the first place. I had lunch one Saturday with an old college roommate that moved to Madison right after graduation. We had recently gotten back in touch through e-mail and then Facebook after being out of touch for years. It ends up that she had moved back to the state and wanted to meet half-way between the three hours that now separate us to enjoy each other’s company.

We met at an Asian fusion restaurant that is pretty popular and still relatively new. It was so nice to hear about each other’s lives and find out that her niece is now at our alma mater! But one thing that I noticed was that I was having a hard time hearing her say certain things. Near the end of our visit, she gently suggested that maybe I should look into getting hearing aids. She had just gotten some herself and was really enjoying them.

She was always the reasonable one of the pair so I took her advice and looked up miracle ear cost. I just bought a pair of hearing aids and e-mailed her with the news.

We’re already planning our next meeting, which is about in a month. We’re also considering taking a weekend trip together to the mountains once the weather cools down.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Growing Family

This picture was taken last year when hubby left for Iraq. I was two months pregnant then and our DD1 was 28 months old. I was somewhat scared then and praying that my pregnancy will not be difficult because DD1 needs me. The first trimester was not as smooth as my first pregnancy but I was very thankful to God that I was able to manage it.

After eleven months, our daddy will be coming home. I am hoping that for his remaining years in service he will not be deployed anymore. He wanted to devote the remaining years before his retirement to finish his degree and prepare for his civilian life. Also, he don't want to miss special moments of our family especially now that our family is growing.

So, from three above, hubby will be welcomed with three girls upon their coming home.

Friday, July 30, 2010

For Hubby's Birthday

Hubby's homecoming and birthday is fast approaching. On his natal anniversary the celebration is doubled. It will be a thanksgiving for his birthday and their safe return. Right now I am already looking for great gifts for a husband and I am so confused of what to give him. He is among those men that is very hard to give something to. I have some ideas in mind already but I am still looking for other options. Hubby has been asking me what I will do for his coming home and birthday but I did not commit yet for a bi celebration. I will just do a surprise for him. I have a small plan to welcome him home and maybe a small celebration on his birthday.

Afternoon Nap

I have a hard time now putting our 3 year old for an afternoon nap. She's very active all day even if we are just at home most of the time. I always coax her to take a nap but she's fighting out her sleepiness. But there are times also that she'll be knocked out on our couch.

I like it when she's asleep coz her little sister can sleep straight too. When she's awake and her sister is asleep she will try to wake her up. She'll kiss her and if her sister is inside the bedroom she will go there and call her too. She don't understand too well that she needs to keep quiet so her lil sis will not ake up.

The picture was taken on the 14th of this month when while both of them were sound asleep in our living room.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding Best Acne Treatment

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Pretty Nice Weather

I love the weather we are experiencing since last week and this week. Although days went by so quick but I have no complaints. Every day I talked to my husband thru Skype. Last night he told me that this week just fly so fast. I couldn't agree more and I like it coz it draw nearer to his coming home. I will be more happy when end of this month come and it will be August already. I just hope that next month we will still have pretty nice weather like what we are experiencing right now.

Yesterday I went for grocery shopping and went out around 7pm. I did not feel exhausted because the temperature is pretty fair, not warm and not so cool. Just right for me and our little girls. This afternoon while walking to our mailbox I decided to stay outside with the kids. Let them savor the fresh air and the warmness of the sun shine. I brought our DD2's bouncer and me and DD1 played ball. After few minutes a friend of mine called and invited us to their place. We had a scrumptious dinner at their place and a nice chitchat. Tomorrow we were invited to join in going to the beach. I am not sure if I will go but I'll see maybe it will be a good thing to bring the kids there to bask in the sun and play at shore. I am hoping though the temperature will be the same as today.
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