Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting New Furnishings

When we moved here from Georgia we planned of getting new furnishings for our apartment. But it made us realized that when we move again for our next duty station it will be a hassle again. So I coaxed him to wait to get new furniture and appliances when we will have our own place. Although my husband is more keen on getting some stuff late this year to replace our old ones. For our living room set I just want to buy new covers since I don't want the new one be damaged when we PCS end of this year if we need to.

One thing also that he is thinking of getting is a bigger television set for the living room. He wanted to get a Samsung plasma TV. I am not really particularly about owning bigger TV sets. As long as I can see my regular shows and my TFC it's fine with me. But I don't know with most men that if possible they can have a wide screen TV to watch their favorite games and playing their Xbox or playstation :-) Hopefully we can reach an agreement and get our priorities before getting new furnishings.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss Virginia Crowned as Miss America 2010

(AP - Photo grabbed thru Yahoo News)

Did you watched the Miss America 2010 Pageant aired through TLC - Discovery channel? I forgot about the time it started and I only watched the later part. Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron, crowned as the new 2010 Miss America held in Las Vegas this evening.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Security

When my friend mentioned that they are moving from an apartment to a house, I asked her if the house they are going to rent have security system. For me being secure is the most important thing. I can't imagine living by myself with our kid and husband is away then I am not secured inside our own place. Last year when our daughter started to open up our door by herself, I asked our apartment complex's management if they can install a child safety lock in both doors. Good thing there was no problem with my request. The same day they sent somebody to install the lock. Now, even if our daughter will unlock the door it still won't open unless I unlatch the child safety lock at the top. Even this kind of security really give me peace of mind. I think other Moms will agree with me too. We just don't know what can happen when our doors are left unlock.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our DD and Her Friends

This picture was taken last December when I brought our DD long with my friend's daughters to McDonald's. It was her first time to go on the slide from the very top with the help of ate C. She was apprehensive at first but later on she got used to it.

Now, every time we passed by McDonald's she will tell me she want to play at the slide. It's near Safeway where I go to buy some groceries. She gets excited when she see the play area from the grocery store. She said she just love to play there :-) This afternoon while I drove home from the hospital she told me to go to McDonald's to play. When I turned to our apartment she was kicking in her car seat. I tole her we will go there tomorrow after we do our errands. So I am hoping she will forget, if not then I will have to bring her there so as not to break the promise I made :-)

Looking for Exercise Equipment

This past Saturday we attended a birthday party. One of my friend whose husband just left for deployment was also present and we were talking about exercising and losing weight. She said she was looking for an exercise equipment. The host of the party have this exercise equipment that she uses everyday and it's very effective because the result is showing. Her abs tighten and she said her energy is building up everyday. She showed it to us and our friend wanted to get one similar. But she wanted to buy a not so expensive one. I was suggesting to her on checking nordic track exercise equipment. I found this nordic track promotion code that she can use to get a discount of what she wanted to buy. I am also wishing to have an exercise equipment at home but I will wait until we have our own place so I have a place to put it.

Best Vacations

In our five years of marriage we also visited different places around the US. Among the places that we've been too, one of the best vacations that we went to was our Orlando vacations. We've been there twice and I still can't get enough of the place. There are still places around Orlando that we haven't visited yet. Hubby told me that we will surely go back there in time. Our daughter is growing up and I want her to experience what Orlando offers. We want her to visit Disney World, Universal Studio, SeaWorld and other theme parks. I am pretty sure she will surely love it. By that time we go back there she can already appreciate what she will be seeing. I heard that Legoland will be coming to Orlando so it's an added place to see in the future.

Prenatal Multivitamins

When you are pregnant you will automatically be prescribed with prenatal multivitamins. This will help you supplement the vitamins and minerals that pregnant women needs during the whole time of pregnancy and even beyond when you are breastfeeding. I remember my OB-Gyne told me that if you are planning to get pregnant, you can start taking prenatal vitamins. When I was pregnant the first time I took prenatal vitamins and still took it when I was breastfeeding with our daughter. There are times during the pregnancy that slack because I tend to forget. My husband was the one who kept reminding me to take my vitamins. Good thing he's at my side and is very caring throughout. So for those pregnant women, make sure to take the prenatal vitamins diligently.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Planning

Since the beginning of this year, I am keeping a daily planner. I make a list of what I am going to accomplish every day for the whole week. I write my plan every Friday. Earlier I check out my planner and I missed my chore yesterday. I supposed to clean our closet, take out clothes that we are not wearing anymore, but I wasn't able to do it when in fact we are just at home the whole day. I think it is one of those days that you just don't like to do anything :-) Earlier while I was making my plan, I wrote back for Thursday to clean out the closet. So I am hoping that this time I will be able to do it.

For this weekend, we will be attending a birthday party for a friend's daughter tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I am thinking of going to the salon to have my hair done. I hope I can wake up early so I will have it out of the way. I've been putting it off since December. On Sunday it's gonna be church time and grocery shopping. I am doing some frugal shopping as a resolution for this new year :-) I did good with my grocery shopping last week and I am hoping I will do better this weekend.

Burn the Excess Fats

This morning my husband called me through Skype telling me he's going for a run and then he will talk to me again when he gets back. I did my morning chores, gave our daughter her bath and took a shower as well. Around noon time a friend came by and then hubby called back. He told me he ran 7 miles total. After his run, he is also doing some push ups and sit ups to burn more calories. Before, he was telling me to check out the best fat burning supplement that he can use. But now he said he will try doing his way of work out and see if it will give the result he want. So far he said it's very effective. He lost weight and I also noticed it while looking at him during our video calls. If he will continue his routine there in Iraq then he will reach his ideal weight before he comes home.


I remember when I was in the Philippines that if you have hemorrhoids you will get laughed at or subject to jokes by peers or other people knowing your condition. That is why some people who are suffering from it is really careful not to let other people know. I know it's not a laughing matter since it's a medical condition. During my second year of living here in the US I received a call from my family that my father was in the hospital. If I heard such news I would really become so worried. Then they told me about my father's condition and aside from his hypertension he also had hemorrhoids. Good thing, as the doctors were saying that they have treatment for hemorrhoids that's really very effective. I was relieved knowing about it and thankfully until now my father didn't suffer from it again.

Hormonal Acne

I have a friend back when I was a senior in college that has a problem with acne. When she consulted the Dermatologist she was told that what she have is a hormonal acne. She's suffering from some hormonal imbalance that triggers her acne breakouts. I know growing up and having such problem can really affect self-confidence and she wasn't different from others who are suffering from it. She had been trying different hormonal acne treatments back then and it seem like nothing really worked out for her. Until we graduated she is still trying different treatments. Lately, I heard from her and she told me she is doing great and her acne problem is already gone. Good for her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Tragedy

I am so overwhelmed watching the news about the devastation of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday. The pictures on the internet as well as the videos coming out from the tragedy really would take your breath away. It is very sad to note the suffering the victims are experiencing right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them and I know the Haitian will still come out of this tragedy strong and hopeful.

As I was watching the news I am also grief stricken by the catastrophe. The whole world is moved by this incident and I know the goodness of other nations will be able to help build Haiti back. I wanted to post pictures here from the news sites but I can't stand looking at those without a heavy heart. I hope everyone will help donate goods, money and most of all prayers for all the Haitian people.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are You on a Diet?

Most of the morning shows that I've seen the beginning of this year was talking about the infamous new year's resolution of losing weight. It is always like it; they invite guests and experts that talked about how to loss weight this year and how to become a new you. I think it is more than just a fad but an awareness considering the increasing obesity issue in the country. I am all for a healthy lifestyle and also putting in my list of getting fit and healthy every time the new year starts. Talking about losing weight some of these experts are also mentioning about diet supplements that work. With all these products we really can't figure out which one does really work bests. But for those that wanted to use diet supplements, you should consult your physician first. It is still best to make certain that there are no complications with your health once you use it. Right now I am not into a diet but I am still watching my calorie intake and the food that I am eating.

Facial Treatment

Next week I am thinking of going to the salon and have my hair done as well as have facial. The last time I did this was early this year. I won the gift certificate for a spa treatment from Busted Moms. Now I feel like I need to have the relaxing spa treatment. I may not have the total spa thing but at least I can have my hair and facial done. I also need to ask experts on what to apply for my face to rejuvenate it. There are lots of best day creams and night day creams you can see in the market but I wanted something that can treat my face that does not cost much. Right now I am using the product from Neutrogena and I would say it's working since I did not have any breakouts. The problem now is I noticed my facial skin is getting drier. I don't want to try other products since I am afraid of its effect on my skin. Really, when it comes to my face I am a worry-wart to try different products. But I think I need to be courageous enough because I am not getting any younger. I need to protect my skin from damage as well as from aging :-) Hopefully I can get a good advice after I make a consultation from an expert.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Planning for a Vacation

Right now we have so many plans for hubby's homecoming after his deployment. We have plans of going somewhere for this year's Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. But of course this vacations will happen only depending on our finances. For Thanksgiving we are thinking of going to New York or South Carolina to visit family and relatives. I am now checking online for different new york hotels to stay in with that can be afforded by our budget. When time comes that we are already decided to which state to visit, then we will already know which hotel offers the best services at an affordable price. If I am the one to be followed, I wanted to put off any travels for this year so we can focus on saving. But considering this is our family's time to see other member of the family and relatives for many years, then I believe it is worth it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution

So, as the new year is rolling do you have a new year's resolution? For me, I just let it be. Although I have some list of what I needed to do for this year and the years to come, I still think that I should be flexible. There are circumstances along the way that are inevitable that may affect the plans we are carrying out so having some room to bend is helpful. One thing though that I am going to religiously do is to be more organized. Beginning of the year I already vowed to use my planner. As in, make it a point to do weekly planning. List all appointments and do what is laid out for the week. That way I will be able to do all tasks and life will be less chaos :-)

As to taking care of our DD, I have to diligently and religiously follow through her potty training. We already started and she's showing improvements. I am hoping that before April, her Daddy's coming home for R&R, she will be totally potty trained; crossing fingers and toes :-)

For my personal improvement, I am still hoping I can start going back to school. From the looks of it, I will not have the chance this winter quarter since all the classes are full and even the online classes too. I contacted online instructors if I can be accommodated for one of the classes but I have to wait for somebody to drop off then I can take the spot. So with that scenario, I am not expecting I can enroll this quarter. My next move is to make sure I will be at the school on advising day for Spring quarter which will be on February 9. Getting a job is also in my list for this year. I know it looks impossible for me to get everything what I wanted to happen but if others can do why can't I :-)

Expensive Dry Cleaning

Last week me and my friend talked about taking our husband's suits, tuxedo jackets, and leather jackets to the cleaners. I decided to do mine this month since those will not be used anytime soon. My friend brought the clothing to the cleaners last week and she was taken aback by how much expensive the cleaning cost is. She was told that for the leather jacket alone it will costs her around $40 and it will take 2-3 weeks to clean; with the suits and tuxedo it will cost more. My expression when she told me about it was, holy cow is it that expensive?! Are you kidding me? I didn't know that it is very expensive. When hubby was around he's the one who brought his suits to the cleaners and I did not mind looking at the receipt. So I guess I may have to check out first before bringing his stuff to the cleaners before I get a heart attack with the expensive cost of it.

Hair Vitamin

I am in desperate search for vitamins for hair. My hair is falling off especially when I take a shower. I usually comb my hair after I put on hair conditioner. But now I am afraid to do it since every time I do it I will get a handful of hair. A friend of mine told me maybe I am just shedding some of it and then it will just regrow. I changed shampoos already but still to no avail. I may need more calcium intake or other minerals that will help getting my hair back to its healthy condition. When I was in the Philippines, when I experience such as this, I will use some herbal medicines that my mother has in the garden to apply to my hair and scalp. Now that I don't have access to it, I need to find ways to prevent falling hair. I hope I will be able to find one before I become bald :-)
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