Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best Vacations

In our five years of marriage we also visited different places around the US. Among the places that we've been too, one of the best vacations that we went to was our Orlando vacations. We've been there twice and I still can't get enough of the place. There are still places around Orlando that we haven't visited yet. Hubby told me that we will surely go back there in time. Our daughter is growing up and I want her to experience what Orlando offers. We want her to visit Disney World, Universal Studio, SeaWorld and other theme parks. I am pretty sure she will surely love it. By that time we go back there she can already appreciate what she will be seeing. I heard that Legoland will be coming to Orlando so it's an added place to see in the future.

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Yanilea said...

So lucky of you to spend time with your family in Orlando, must be a wonderful experience.

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