Friday, January 15, 2010

Burn the Excess Fats

This morning my husband called me through Skype telling me he's going for a run and then he will talk to me again when he gets back. I did my morning chores, gave our daughter her bath and took a shower as well. Around noon time a friend came by and then hubby called back. He told me he ran 7 miles total. After his run, he is also doing some push ups and sit ups to burn more calories. Before, he was telling me to check out the best fat burning supplement that he can use. But now he said he will try doing his way of work out and see if it will give the result he want. So far he said it's very effective. He lost weight and I also noticed it while looking at him during our video calls. If he will continue his routine there in Iraq then he will reach his ideal weight before he comes home.

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