Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Facial Treatment

Next week I am thinking of going to the salon and have my hair done as well as have facial. The last time I did this was early this year. I won the gift certificate for a spa treatment from Busted Moms. Now I feel like I need to have the relaxing spa treatment. I may not have the total spa thing but at least I can have my hair and facial done. I also need to ask experts on what to apply for my face to rejuvenate it. There are lots of best day creams and night day creams you can see in the market but I wanted something that can treat my face that does not cost much. Right now I am using the product from Neutrogena and I would say it's working since I did not have any breakouts. The problem now is I noticed my facial skin is getting drier. I don't want to try other products since I am afraid of its effect on my skin. Really, when it comes to my face I am a worry-wart to try different products. But I think I need to be courageous enough because I am not getting any younger. I need to protect my skin from damage as well as from aging :-) Hopefully I can get a good advice after I make a consultation from an expert.

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