Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting New Furnishings

When we moved here from Georgia we planned of getting new furnishings for our apartment. But it made us realized that when we move again for our next duty station it will be a hassle again. So I coaxed him to wait to get new furniture and appliances when we will have our own place. Although my husband is more keen on getting some stuff late this year to replace our old ones. For our living room set I just want to buy new covers since I don't want the new one be damaged when we PCS end of this year if we need to.

One thing also that he is thinking of getting is a bigger television set for the living room. He wanted to get a Samsung plasma TV. I am not really particularly about owning bigger TV sets. As long as I can see my regular shows and my TFC it's fine with me. But I don't know with most men that if possible they can have a wide screen TV to watch their favorite games and playing their Xbox or playstation :-) Hopefully we can reach an agreement and get our priorities before getting new furnishings.

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