Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Vitamin

I am in desperate search for vitamins for hair. My hair is falling off especially when I take a shower. I usually comb my hair after I put on hair conditioner. But now I am afraid to do it since every time I do it I will get a handful of hair. A friend of mine told me maybe I am just shedding some of it and then it will just regrow. I changed shampoos already but still to no avail. I may need more calcium intake or other minerals that will help getting my hair back to its healthy condition. When I was in the Philippines, when I experience such as this, I will use some herbal medicines that my mother has in the garden to apply to my hair and scalp. Now that I don't have access to it, I need to find ways to prevent falling hair. I hope I will be able to find one before I become bald :-)

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