Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution

So, as the new year is rolling do you have a new year's resolution? For me, I just let it be. Although I have some list of what I needed to do for this year and the years to come, I still think that I should be flexible. There are circumstances along the way that are inevitable that may affect the plans we are carrying out so having some room to bend is helpful. One thing though that I am going to religiously do is to be more organized. Beginning of the year I already vowed to use my planner. As in, make it a point to do weekly planning. List all appointments and do what is laid out for the week. That way I will be able to do all tasks and life will be less chaos :-)

As to taking care of our DD, I have to diligently and religiously follow through her potty training. We already started and she's showing improvements. I am hoping that before April, her Daddy's coming home for R&R, she will be totally potty trained; crossing fingers and toes :-)

For my personal improvement, I am still hoping I can start going back to school. From the looks of it, I will not have the chance this winter quarter since all the classes are full and even the online classes too. I contacted online instructors if I can be accommodated for one of the classes but I have to wait for somebody to drop off then I can take the spot. So with that scenario, I am not expecting I can enroll this quarter. My next move is to make sure I will be at the school on advising day for Spring quarter which will be on February 9. Getting a job is also in my list for this year. I know it looks impossible for me to get everything what I wanted to happen but if others can do why can't I :-)

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