Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our DD and Her Friends

This picture was taken last December when I brought our DD long with my friend's daughters to McDonald's. It was her first time to go on the slide from the very top with the help of ate C. She was apprehensive at first but later on she got used to it.

Now, every time we passed by McDonald's she will tell me she want to play at the slide. It's near Safeway where I go to buy some groceries. She gets excited when she see the play area from the grocery store. She said she just love to play there :-) This afternoon while I drove home from the hospital she told me to go to McDonald's to play. When I turned to our apartment she was kicking in her car seat. I tole her we will go there tomorrow after we do our errands. So I am hoping she will forget, if not then I will have to bring her there so as not to break the promise I made :-)

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Tammy said...

Great fun for little ones, the playlands in fast food restaurants are. I remember when my daughter was little we spent a lot of time at those!

Mommy Kennedy said...

Very cute! Popping by through EC.

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