Saturday, January 9, 2010

Planning for a Vacation

Right now we have so many plans for hubby's homecoming after his deployment. We have plans of going somewhere for this year's Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. But of course this vacations will happen only depending on our finances. For Thanksgiving we are thinking of going to New York or South Carolina to visit family and relatives. I am now checking online for different new york hotels to stay in with that can be afforded by our budget. When time comes that we are already decided to which state to visit, then we will already know which hotel offers the best services at an affordable price. If I am the one to be followed, I wanted to put off any travels for this year so we can focus on saving. But considering this is our family's time to see other member of the family and relatives for many years, then I believe it is worth it.

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josie said...

hi Bless,
thanks for visiting and following, it's nice to have a family gathering once in a while to bond with each other.
take care!

**"Liza"** said...

Hi Bless I finally found your blog.Anyway Im having some GIVEAWAY at my blog check it out if you like..

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