Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bang For Your Buck

Do you watch the HGTV's show Bang for your Buck? This show they are comparing three family who renovated parts of their house for a certain amount who will get the most return of their renovation. Last week I was watching it's episode where they compare three family in Spokane, Washington who did a renovation on their backyard. All of the renovations I would say are very sharp and looks fabulous. One common feature that I see in their renovations was having an outdoor fireplaces. It made their backyard looks cozy despite of it as an outdoor space. The fireplace creates an intimate section of the yard that the family can gather and enjoy. It is a good idea when having your own place. If you have a big backyard and you want to utilize all its space, then having an outdoor fireplace would add as a great focal point. According to the designer host of the show and the real estate expert having such feature can also get buyers attention and thus give your house a boost.

Furniture Hunting

I am now doing some furniture hunting since our dining table leg broke off the other day while I was moving it to replace the area rug underneath it. I went to different furniture stores in our area and now I am confused of what to get since there lots of choices. My dilemma in buying is that our place right now is small and the one I like is big that if I will go for it the space in our dining area will be occupied. While at the furniture store I saw a lot of beautiful pieces that I wish we have our own house. I've seen a nice home theater seating that would be perfect if you have a family room that you will make as your home theater. There are deals on bedroom sets as well as living room sets that if only I can get it all I would really. I know my limitation and I am not an impulsive buyer. I think of it a lot of times and weigh everything before getting it. But with our dining set case, I need to get one as soon as possible before any accidents happen.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Birthday Party

Tomorrow we will be attending another kiddie birthday party. My friend invited me and other friends to go to a birthday party of another Pinay that live near post. It's her daughter's first birthday party. Her hubby is also an Army and is currently deployed. Our DD is excited for that birthday party that she keep on mentioning it. I told her if she's going to listen and follow Mommy we can go but if not we will stay home. So right now she's behave while I am trying to finish my tasks online. I need to finish everything because I know we will be home late.

Boosting Up Your Business

If you have a business and want to boost up its marketplace, there are so many things to consider. If for example you have a resort business, it is best to consider brochure printing to give out to possible clients. Even if you are into accessories, you can also make a brochure showcasing your products. This is only one way of introducing the products or services your business is offering. In this time where competition is prevalent in every business, it is a must that you can create a unique business strategy. My family and relatives back home is into business. Most of them ventured in grocery stores, pharmacy, and other retail market. But my brother in law mentioned before that in the future he wants to have a business resort type. Even a small resort but offers intimate and family-friendly accommodation in a beach-front where families can retreat and relax. When his plan comes to fruition, I can suggest to him about creating a brochure for it. I know it's still kind of blur but who knows one day this plan can come true.

Human Growth Hormone

I heard about controversy specially in the sports arena of athletes taking human growth hormone supplements to increase their energy levels as well as enhance performances. I know in any professional sports taking any supplements is not allowed and can disqualify or even ban a certain athlete if proven of using one. But I know for some people not only athletes, especially those that are vain and wanted to stay young as ever, they are taking this hgh supplements. I am not well versed of this supplement but for sure there are resources online that talks about hgh and what it can do for you. If you are interested you can check out and see the interesting facts about it.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

When I visited my home country last year after five years, I've seen a lot of differences. Not only the place but also to the people especially my loved ones. My parents were not the same anymore physically. I mean, my father lost weight a lot, my mother looks the same to me though but our oldest sister changed a lot. The aging look is very evident in her. She has more white hairs and fine lines and wrinkles are very evident on her face. One night we were talking, me and my other sisters including our Mom and we talked about beauty regimen. I remember when she was still single that she's very particular when it comes to beauty rituals. So I told her she need start treating her face with anti wrinkle creams so tighten her facial skin and eliminate the wrinkles. She said that she's just stress right now managing their business. I know aging is inevitable but if we just take care of our skin well then wrinkles and fine lines can be prevented or at least be lessen as we aged.

Cost to Improve Your Beauty

Lately I am beginning to get tired. I know it's because I am pregnant. Almost everything you do you need extra effort. My tummy is getting heavier everyday and I do everything at home by myself. That is why I told myself getting sick or tired is not an option for me :-) I need to be strong and healthy. I have a beautiful life inside me and a toddler that depend on me for everything. But I told myself I just need a one day retreat to the spa to be pampered. It is what I desperately need right now to relax my tensed body. The question is when and how? I have a toddler here that I just can't leave behind :-) My husband told me I can leave her at the day care on post since we are qualified for a free day care for 16 hours a month because hubby is deployed. It's just that I am not comfortable to leave my daughter in a day care. My friend offered to baby sit so maybe I can decide on it before I give birth.

Anyhow, speaking of pampering yourself and boosting your physical asset, there are so many ways right now to do it. Not only going to the spa and do the massage and other skin care treatment but there are also procedures that are invasive or less invasive. Back in 2003 before I came here in the US I went to a well known beauty clinic back in the Philippines. I started a skin treatment procedure there but wasn't able to finish the whole recommended sessions because I already moved here in the US. Maybe when I have enough money and time I may go back there again.

I learned that this clinic offers different procedures and treatment for all kind of beauty improvements. They're the most sought after clinic by the many celebrities in my home country. And I believe a lot of foreigners or Filipinos that already live anywhere in the world would go there to have their beauty procedure done. I think because it's not that expensive there as compared here in the US or other European countries. I was browsing online and tried searching about the cost of having these different procedures done and was able to bumped into this weight loss surgery Mexico that offers lesser cost for their international patients. I think the same thing with the beauty clinic in the Philippines that because of their lesser cost, international patients prefers their services. Well, for whatever you want to be done with your physical asset to improve, you really have to spend money. It is just a matter of personal preference even how costly they are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fil-Ams at Winter Olympics

Evora and Ladwig
(Photo by AP at Yahoo News)

As Filipino, I am very proud to know that there are athletes in the US team at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Amanda Evora of the figure skating team and J.R. Celski of short track speed skating are Filipino-Americans. Evora's parents are both Filipinos while Celski's father is an American and his mother is Filipina. Evora and her partner Ladwig did not bag a medal but they finished at the top 10. Celski on the other hand were able to bagged the bronze medal for the 1500 meter short track speed skating. It was a great comeback for JR Celski getting an Olympic medal after having an accident five months ago. Both said they're proud to be Filipino as well. Both of them gave pride to Philippines and I am pretty sure Filipinos all over the world are also proud of them for their accomplishment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Worried

Being away from your loved ones is really not a good thing. This past few days I've been in contact with my sister because my father is sick. He was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago because of high fever and difficulty of urinating. Although he's not admitted for long but still it got me worried because I was told there is more to it than just an infection. Right now my father is at home already and recuperating. Then I texted my sister again how are they doing and she told me to call back home because my mother is having fever also. Situation such as this really gets me worried since I am too far from them. That is why I am trying to tell my sister to check out for health insurance quote for them over there because getting sick is very inevitable. My sister has health insurance but still they're paying more than what the insurance pay. I am praying that my parents will get well soon and hoping what they are feeling are not really serious.

Colon Cleansing

I feel I needed colon cleansing. If you are pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins you will really become constipated most of the times. Now that I am in my third trimester I feel that constipation is getting worse as well. Anyways, I know that I cannot take just any medicine for whatever purpose because I am expecting but still I wanted to know what are the benefits of colon cleanse to our body. I did some research before about it because my husband was thinking of having his colon cleansed. Among the benefits that I've read are to improve digestive function, eliminate constipation, boost energy level, and many others. So I think if you feel like you are sluggish and your energy is always low accompanied with a slow metabolism, then maybe you need to have your colon cleansed. I may have to ask my physician after I gave birth about this procedure.

Weight Loss Supplement

As what I was saying in my other blog that my husband is doing his exercise regimen everyday to loss weight while he is deployed. His goal is to lose at least 30-40 lbs on his whole duration over there in Iraq. He don't want any weight loss supplement because he wanted to do it his way. He's joining marathon there as well. In fact, he joined a 5K run and a walk in support to the awareness of sexual harassment in the military. This coming 20th there will be a 10K run that he is also signing up. He told me he got two t-shirts already for the run and walk and he will give it to me. But as what my title weight loss supplement, I still searched different kinds of diet pills. I found out about adipex diet pill that was first approved in the 50's. I've read a review about this pill and I think it's the same with other supplement that has pros and cons. This is why if you wanted to use diet pill it is important to consult your physician. It is best to be cautious than be sorry in the end.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Big Thanks to My Friends

I just would like to extend my deepest appreciation to my dear friends Coleen and Flor for taking the effort of hosting a baby shower for me. It was held on Feb 13 at Coleen's apartment unit. We had fun even though there were only less than ten hot Mommas who attended. I am thanking also the attendees for their generosity and time. They bought gifts and foodies. The foodies were very Filipino and love all of it. Having friends that cares is really a blessing and I can't thank them enough for always being there for me. I am glad that with my situation and husband is away, I have them to help me through. For you my friends, thank you and love you all!!!!

Problem Sleeping

Now that I am in my third trimester, I have problem sleeping. This is because I have to go to the bathroom many times at night as well as having a difficult sleeping position and movement. I can only sleep on my sides and I have to do the effort when switching sides. Since there's just me and our DD here, we co-sleep. So when she moves in her sleep I wake up as well. I am also potty training her so I need to wake up when she'll say she needs the potty. Wish I can take sleep pills so at least I can get a good night sleep once in a while. Then when the baby arrives I know I will have difficulty sleeping again since I will be the only to take care of the kids until hubby comes home from deployment. But I'm positive though that I can get through it. It's just a matter of managing the time I have and establish a routine so my life will run smoothly then.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking for Employment?

I have lots of friends who are looking for employment including myself as well. As we all know that even though the stock market is showing positivism and accordingly the unemployment rate is declining, but still we are still feeling the pinch of job losses. Just last week a dear friend of mine told me that her employer was laying off staff and that includes her. Right now she is looking for employment. I myself is also working on joining back the workforce. In preparation, I will be going back to school and making out plans for future child care. I constantly check career opportunities on various online job sites and I've seen lots of opening in my chosen career field. I am just hoping everything goes well as planned and I will be able to land a job that I really love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Weekend

Our Sunday was spent with my friends. We got together and watched the day's big event. We had pizza from Papa Murphy's and of course some chips and dips. There were only four of us then another friend came by later that made us five. I wasn't really following this NFL season so I told my friends I will root for the Saints since it's their first time to be in the championship. It was a good game and we enjoyed watching it. I'm glad that Saints won!!!!

We stayed for dinner and we had ginataang mongo with pork and ginamos (anchovies) with tomato and a little vinegar. It was yummy especially eating with our hands :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parties in January

The first month of this year was really busy for us, me and my friends. Almost every weekend we have parties that we attended. Some are even overlapping. There was one Saturday that there were two birthday parties set. Having a get together is really helping us to make our days and weeks go faster and somehow alleviate the loneliness we all feel for having our soldiers away from us. We're all in the same situation and we understand what each of us is going through. I am very happy that I found them here coz if not I will be bored to death and probably feeling all the stress any deployment can give.

The picture above was the food we shared during our dear friend F daughter's 1st birthday. Of course it's all Filipino dishes :-) as most of the visitors are Filipinas :-)

R&R of our Deployed Husbands

Most of my friends here are military wives and our husbands are currently deployed either to Iraq or Afghanistan. Early this year one of my friend's husband came home for his R&R leave. But before his arrival our friend asked us about quick weight loss technique to prepare for his husband's homecoming. We were laughing at her coz she's really serious. But in all honesty all of us are thinking the same. Because we love our husbands we wanted to impress them by making sure we look good when they come home. It will also boost their morale that despite of the distance, we are still capable of taking care not only the entire household but ourselves as well. It will not make them worry of our situation since they know we can take care of ourselves. This coming April my husband will be coming home and we are both excited to see each other that we can't help counting the days.

Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills is very popular in this new generation. A lot of people use it to help them in losing weight aside from doing the usual exercise. I was searching about different diet pills and found out about adipex that was approved in the 50's. So even back then diet pills are already common :-) But honestly I am afraid of trying diet pills because I don't want to deal it's side effects later. I am just very cautious. Hubby tried to use weight loss pills during the early part of our marriage. I told him to just stop using it and do the natural way. The most important thing when using any diet pills is to make sure to ask your doctor and also make sure the one you are going to use to loss weight cannot do harm instead to your health.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Health Plans

I would say that health care cost anywhere is high not only here in the US. Right now we heard on the news that the President is pushing for the health care bill to be passed to which there are lots of people who are not amenable to it. People like us who are looking for a low cost but beneficial health plans are also in turmoil of what could happen if the health care bill of the President will be passed. For now I am glad of the health insurance that we have. Since hubby is working in the military, our health benefits is sufficient for us. I did not pay anything for the services or procedures that was done for me and our DD ever since. But I was also thinking of looking for another health plans as a secondary one. And I am sure when hubby retires we will still be covered but it would still be good if there is a back up. I was looking at the Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina health plans and their rates are pretty affordable. In the long run I know I need to check out some quotes of the different insurance providers because it is a must for me to have health care coverage to ensure my family is well taken cared of in times of need and emergency.

All Star Cast Finale - May Bukas Pa

It's so sad, one of my favorite teleserye on TFC ended today. It's the very popular May Bukas Pa. The finale was very grand because almost all the big stars of ABS-CBN were present gracing the show. Me and our daughter watches the show everyday that she even love the theme song.

I did not expect the final episode. I thought Santino, the miracle boy, will join Bro in heaven but instead he's sent back to life. He's a miracle indeed. Every episode of this soap opera gives inspiration and hope to those who believe in God. The show give testament to the saying, if there is life, there's hope. If we have faith in the Lord, everything is possible.

I wish ABS will continue to create show like this to inspire a lot of people and that amidst the hardships that we are facing today we still can find refuge in the name of God. Kudos to the creator of this show and to all the artists who graced the show.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stress-Free Moving

I mentioned many times here in my blog that part of military life is moving from one duty station to another. Although it's a hassle but you can also experience a stress-free moving if you will opt for the military to the moving of your stuff. There will be mover that will pack all your belongings. At first I was really shocked when hubby told me that the movers will come in to our apartment and will do the packing for us. I wasn't really comfortable knowing our personal things will be touched by other people. It was a relief though knowing that the hassle of packing is taken off our shoulders. For our first move using the military movers, it took them whole day to pack everything. We don't have much stuff since some of the things we have we donated it to goodwill. Even when we arrived here in our next duty station, we still donated other stuff that we can't use since the apartment we have already have some of the appliances. We will use movers next time when we move.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dental Appointments

For this month of February I have dental appointments lined up. My dental cleaning is long over due so when I had my appointment last week my dentist told me that I need a quad cleaning to have my teeth thoroughly cleaned. I know it's coming so I agreed to it. For the deep cleaning I have two appointments and another two appointments for treatment or filling.

For all the dental works, I will be shelling out $279. It's our co-payment part. Agghhh...It's a lot of money. Our dental insurance covers 80% of every procedure. If it's only a standard cleaning it is covered in full but since it's deep cleaning they are charging for local anesthesia and the likes. In a way it's my fault as well since I always put it off. Now I have to deal with the co-pay. After these dental works I still have to have my dentures changed and I know it will cost a lot. Dental works is very expensive here and I'm glad we have insurance that helps with the expenses. I told my husband that I will have my dentures changed in the Philippines because our co-pay is more than enough to pay for it over there. He said he still prefers to have it done here so when we go back there it's already done. Oh well, I'll see if he'll change his mind.
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