Friday, February 5, 2010

All Star Cast Finale - May Bukas Pa

It's so sad, one of my favorite teleserye on TFC ended today. It's the very popular May Bukas Pa. The finale was very grand because almost all the big stars of ABS-CBN were present gracing the show. Me and our daughter watches the show everyday that she even love the theme song.

I did not expect the final episode. I thought Santino, the miracle boy, will join Bro in heaven but instead he's sent back to life. He's a miracle indeed. Every episode of this soap opera gives inspiration and hope to those who believe in God. The show give testament to the saying, if there is life, there's hope. If we have faith in the Lord, everything is possible.

I wish ABS will continue to create show like this to inspire a lot of people and that amidst the hardships that we are facing today we still can find refuge in the name of God. Kudos to the creator of this show and to all the artists who graced the show.

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