Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bang For Your Buck

Do you watch the HGTV's show Bang for your Buck? This show they are comparing three family who renovated parts of their house for a certain amount who will get the most return of their renovation. Last week I was watching it's episode where they compare three family in Spokane, Washington who did a renovation on their backyard. All of the renovations I would say are very sharp and looks fabulous. One common feature that I see in their renovations was having an outdoor fireplaces. It made their backyard looks cozy despite of it as an outdoor space. The fireplace creates an intimate section of the yard that the family can gather and enjoy. It is a good idea when having your own place. If you have a big backyard and you want to utilize all its space, then having an outdoor fireplace would add as a great focal point. According to the designer host of the show and the real estate expert having such feature can also get buyers attention and thus give your house a boost.

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