Friday, February 19, 2010

Cost to Improve Your Beauty

Lately I am beginning to get tired. I know it's because I am pregnant. Almost everything you do you need extra effort. My tummy is getting heavier everyday and I do everything at home by myself. That is why I told myself getting sick or tired is not an option for me :-) I need to be strong and healthy. I have a beautiful life inside me and a toddler that depend on me for everything. But I told myself I just need a one day retreat to the spa to be pampered. It is what I desperately need right now to relax my tensed body. The question is when and how? I have a toddler here that I just can't leave behind :-) My husband told me I can leave her at the day care on post since we are qualified for a free day care for 16 hours a month because hubby is deployed. It's just that I am not comfortable to leave my daughter in a day care. My friend offered to baby sit so maybe I can decide on it before I give birth.

Anyhow, speaking of pampering yourself and boosting your physical asset, there are so many ways right now to do it. Not only going to the spa and do the massage and other skin care treatment but there are also procedures that are invasive or less invasive. Back in 2003 before I came here in the US I went to a well known beauty clinic back in the Philippines. I started a skin treatment procedure there but wasn't able to finish the whole recommended sessions because I already moved here in the US. Maybe when I have enough money and time I may go back there again.

I learned that this clinic offers different procedures and treatment for all kind of beauty improvements. They're the most sought after clinic by the many celebrities in my home country. And I believe a lot of foreigners or Filipinos that already live anywhere in the world would go there to have their beauty procedure done. I think because it's not that expensive there as compared here in the US or other European countries. I was browsing online and tried searching about the cost of having these different procedures done and was able to bumped into this weight loss surgery Mexico that offers lesser cost for their international patients. I think the same thing with the beauty clinic in the Philippines that because of their lesser cost, international patients prefers their services. Well, for whatever you want to be done with your physical asset to improve, you really have to spend money. It is just a matter of personal preference even how costly they are.

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