Monday, February 1, 2010

Dental Appointments

For this month of February I have dental appointments lined up. My dental cleaning is long over due so when I had my appointment last week my dentist told me that I need a quad cleaning to have my teeth thoroughly cleaned. I know it's coming so I agreed to it. For the deep cleaning I have two appointments and another two appointments for treatment or filling.

For all the dental works, I will be shelling out $279. It's our co-payment part. Agghhh...It's a lot of money. Our dental insurance covers 80% of every procedure. If it's only a standard cleaning it is covered in full but since it's deep cleaning they are charging for local anesthesia and the likes. In a way it's my fault as well since I always put it off. Now I have to deal with the co-pay. After these dental works I still have to have my dentures changed and I know it will cost a lot. Dental works is very expensive here and I'm glad we have insurance that helps with the expenses. I told my husband that I will have my dentures changed in the Philippines because our co-pay is more than enough to pay for it over there. He said he still prefers to have it done here so when we go back there it's already done. Oh well, I'll see if he'll change his mind.

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