Friday, February 19, 2010

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

When I visited my home country last year after five years, I've seen a lot of differences. Not only the place but also to the people especially my loved ones. My parents were not the same anymore physically. I mean, my father lost weight a lot, my mother looks the same to me though but our oldest sister changed a lot. The aging look is very evident in her. She has more white hairs and fine lines and wrinkles are very evident on her face. One night we were talking, me and my other sisters including our Mom and we talked about beauty regimen. I remember when she was still single that she's very particular when it comes to beauty rituals. So I told her she need start treating her face with anti wrinkle creams so tighten her facial skin and eliminate the wrinkles. She said that she's just stress right now managing their business. I know aging is inevitable but if we just take care of our skin well then wrinkles and fine lines can be prevented or at least be lessen as we aged.

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