Saturday, February 27, 2010

Furniture Hunting

I am now doing some furniture hunting since our dining table leg broke off the other day while I was moving it to replace the area rug underneath it. I went to different furniture stores in our area and now I am confused of what to get since there lots of choices. My dilemma in buying is that our place right now is small and the one I like is big that if I will go for it the space in our dining area will be occupied. While at the furniture store I saw a lot of beautiful pieces that I wish we have our own house. I've seen a nice home theater seating that would be perfect if you have a family room that you will make as your home theater. There are deals on bedroom sets as well as living room sets that if only I can get it all I would really. I know my limitation and I am not an impulsive buyer. I think of it a lot of times and weigh everything before getting it. But with our dining set case, I need to get one as soon as possible before any accidents happen.

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