Friday, February 5, 2010

Health Plans

I would say that health care cost anywhere is high not only here in the US. Right now we heard on the news that the President is pushing for the health care bill to be passed to which there are lots of people who are not amenable to it. People like us who are looking for a low cost but beneficial health plans are also in turmoil of what could happen if the health care bill of the President will be passed. For now I am glad of the health insurance that we have. Since hubby is working in the military, our health benefits is sufficient for us. I did not pay anything for the services or procedures that was done for me and our DD ever since. But I was also thinking of looking for another health plans as a secondary one. And I am sure when hubby retires we will still be covered but it would still be good if there is a back up. I was looking at the Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina health plans and their rates are pretty affordable. In the long run I know I need to check out some quotes of the different insurance providers because it is a must for me to have health care coverage to ensure my family is well taken cared of in times of need and emergency.

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