Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Worried

Being away from your loved ones is really not a good thing. This past few days I've been in contact with my sister because my father is sick. He was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago because of high fever and difficulty of urinating. Although he's not admitted for long but still it got me worried because I was told there is more to it than just an infection. Right now my father is at home already and recuperating. Then I texted my sister again how are they doing and she told me to call back home because my mother is having fever also. Situation such as this really gets me worried since I am too far from them. That is why I am trying to tell my sister to check out for health insurance quote for them over there because getting sick is very inevitable. My sister has health insurance but still they're paying more than what the insurance pay. I am praying that my parents will get well soon and hoping what they are feeling are not really serious.

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