Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parties in January

The first month of this year was really busy for us, me and my friends. Almost every weekend we have parties that we attended. Some are even overlapping. There was one Saturday that there were two birthday parties set. Having a get together is really helping us to make our days and weeks go faster and somehow alleviate the loneliness we all feel for having our soldiers away from us. We're all in the same situation and we understand what each of us is going through. I am very happy that I found them here coz if not I will be bored to death and probably feeling all the stress any deployment can give.

The picture above was the food we shared during our dear friend F daughter's 1st birthday. Of course it's all Filipino dishes :-) as most of the visitors are Filipinas :-)

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jenn_US said...

wow thats nice. good that u have lots of pinay friends there as well. its just fun when filipinas get together. yummy food and lots of karaoke, hehe

liza said...

ohh I miss going to parties na.. Anway Im so glad you like your prize..;) Dont forget to join again baka swertehin ka uli..;)

Kasai said...


I nominated you here

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