Saturday, February 6, 2010

R&R of our Deployed Husbands

Most of my friends here are military wives and our husbands are currently deployed either to Iraq or Afghanistan. Early this year one of my friend's husband came home for his R&R leave. But before his arrival our friend asked us about quick weight loss technique to prepare for his husband's homecoming. We were laughing at her coz she's really serious. But in all honesty all of us are thinking the same. Because we love our husbands we wanted to impress them by making sure we look good when they come home. It will also boost their morale that despite of the distance, we are still capable of taking care not only the entire household but ourselves as well. It will not make them worry of our situation since they know we can take care of ourselves. This coming April my husband will be coming home and we are both excited to see each other that we can't help counting the days.

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