Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stress-Free Moving

I mentioned many times here in my blog that part of military life is moving from one duty station to another. Although it's a hassle but you can also experience a stress-free moving if you will opt for the military to the moving of your stuff. There will be mover that will pack all your belongings. At first I was really shocked when hubby told me that the movers will come in to our apartment and will do the packing for us. I wasn't really comfortable knowing our personal things will be touched by other people. It was a relief though knowing that the hassle of packing is taken off our shoulders. For our first move using the military movers, it took them whole day to pack everything. We don't have much stuff since some of the things we have we donated it to goodwill. Even when we arrived here in our next duty station, we still donated other stuff that we can't use since the apartment we have already have some of the appliances. We will use movers next time when we move.

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