Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Changing Insurance Provider?

I was told that if you want to change your insurance provider you need to get insurance quotes. There are even online services or insurance specialists online that you can talk to help you in getting the best possible insurance. The insurance that will give you the bang for your buck. There are insurance in the market that can save you 50% or more from what you are paying right now. You just have to be patient in looking for it and be mindful of the fine prints that comes along with it as well. In this time where the economy is still in the process of climbing back, having to save from just about anything really matters. If you can save by changing your insurance provider go for it. It is just a matter of patiently looking for one. So check online now and search for the best insurance provider that can cater to what you really need.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

(Photo snagged @ Yahoo)

This season of Dancing with the Stars is very varied I must say. It is very interesting to see an astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, reality tv stars, actors and actresses, athletes, singers, and other personalities. I also think that some of the participants have an advantage as they are already performers in their own right. Just like singer Nicole Scherzinger and Olympic champ Evan Lysacek. They have an advantage when it comes to musicality because they have experience in dancing already when they perform on stage and ice, respectively.

In my opinion, these two participants set the bar of the competition. But there are also who are force to be reckoned with. Those that brings inspiration on the dance floor, those that don't have experience in dancing per se but is trying to improve. It would be nice to see a winner on this season that join in as an under dog but comes out strong in the weeks to come.

Bamboo Wood Blinds

We have a french sliding door going to the back patio of our apartment unit. Right now the blinds panel is an ordinary plastic or vinyl one that I'm already tired of looking at. Some of the blinds are already cracked since kids love to play behind it. I even put a tape on some of it just so it will not fall apart. I can call the maintenance office but it is still manageable. I wish I can replace it with wood blinds just like the one in picture and put a curtain as well. It will be a nice change in our living space and it will appear cozier. This is why I am wishing we have our own place so we can just do whatever we want to do with the space we have. Unfortunately for now I have to deal with it until we will be able to have our first place. When that time comes I know exactly what I have to do with door and window treatments. Going green for house treatments and fixture so to speak :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite Spot at Seattle Center

I was browsing through our photos last year and I found this one that I wasn't able to share yet. It was taken at the water fountain in Seattle Center last summer before hubby left for Iraq. There were lots of people there when we went since there was an event that time. The fountain side was full of folks with kids who are playing with the dancing water. Even our DD got very excited when she saw it. She wanted to go near the water but I did not bring extra clothes so I just let her play at the side while Daddy was taking the pictures. Hopefully when summer comes and Daddy is here we can go back there again and enjoy the place once more.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diabetes is Now in the Family

Last year I received the news from my sister that our oldest sister was diagnosed of heart disease as well as diabetes. I really did not expect about the latter disease because I know we don't have it in the family. But I think what she has was some kind of an acquired one, if there is such a thing. Both her and her husband did the general check up with their physician and found out a lot of illnesses that comes with age in them. Right now she is doing well and is taking her regular medications. I was thinking of getting her diabetic socks also that she can use daily. She is always out and about tending their family business and having a good cushion on her feet will increase circulation on her legs and feet. It will also make her more comfortable while on her feet all day long. It is a must to take care of the lower extremities once you have diabetes. I am hoping that she'll get better with her current medication. Not sure if it will totally disappear but I am positive that with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle she will overcome it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Losing Weight Thru Colon Cleansing

There are so many ways that are being advertised about losing weight. The question is which one is best for every individual. I know a lot of people are trying to do the exercise and curtailing calorie intake thing while others opt for the easiest and quickest method. But for me I am so skeptical of going into the quickest one. It may have the side effects that my body cannot take. I am determined though that after I give birth I will make sure to eat healthy for breastfeeding as well as to maintain a good weight that will keep me away from seeing a doctor. I have read about colon cleansing weight loss and accordingly this will increase metabolism and absorption of nutrients to the body as well. I am not sure about how effective it is for losing weight but those who underwent it made a positive feedback. A cousin did colon cleansing before and he said he felt his energy surged as well. I think because your colon is cleanse that you feel light and energetic afterward. Maybe this will also be a good procedure later. I have to do more research on it and who knows it will come out positive for me too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Round Up

Our weekend was great. Friday night we went to a friend's house for dinner. It was an impromptu dinner too. I already cooked our dinner which was sauteed veggies with chicken. My neighbor friend C called me she made spaghetti and will send me some. I told her I made dinner already so what if we will just eat dinner in their house. I'll bring the food that I prepared. So it was agreed then.

She phoned me again and said another friend said we can come over to their house because our friend E will go to their place and E's husband will cook bulgoki for dinner. We can bring the food that we prepared and have an instant get together. So that's what we did. We had a very nice dinner and we all enjoyed the food.

Yesterday was a nice day and just kind of having an instant plan again to go to the park. Since it was the first day of spring and a Saturday it was expected the park will be packed. Indeed it was. We ended having a ground picnic. It was fun and the kids loved it. The picture on the side was taken before we went home. We found an empty park table and had our dessert there. The kids wanted to go back playing but the wind started blowing and it was getting nippy.

Today was supposed to be church day for me and our DD. Unfortunately woke up so late. I got tired after we got home from the park. I vacuumed the floor again then chatted with my family back in the Philippines. Was waiting last night for hubby's call but he wasn't able to. I ended up watching late night shows on telly. DD was asking me all afternoon to go out but the weather isn't that cooperative. Showers and few sun breaks, nippy and windy; might as well stay home. Save gas and energy for tomorrow is Monday and be doing some errands.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

They said when you are pregnant you will likely get hemorrhoids too. But I am glad I did not have it even during my first pregnancy. Constipation is always present though and there are times that I really have a hard time going. Gladly with more fluids and high fiber diet I am still able to do number two daily. But talking about hemorrhoids, my father suffered it way back and it was really worst. He had treatments for hemorrhoids for sometime and we were all glad that it did not come back anymore. Last month when my sister told me he got sick and was hospitalized I was thinking about the hemorrhoids. It is not though but something worst than it. With God's grace he recovered well and I am hoping with his regular medication he will be okay.

When I learned that we're pregnant again I went ahead and research about pregnancy complications and other discomforts. When I knew about hemorrhoids in pregnancy I told hubby to be prepared with it. I read that it can be very painful and discomforting. Some treatments I found are organic ones like this wellness oil. I think it is good since it has all the essential oils and it's pure vegan. I may not use this oil but may have to get one to give to my Dad just in case his hemorrhoids will come back.

Something for my Acne, Sis

This is what my younger sister asked from me last night when we chatted. She wanted some adult acne treatment from here. She want me to send it to her on my next balikbayan box :-) She is saying her breakouts are coming back and she need treatment asap. When I looked at them through the webcam I saw that they're gaining some weight and I was telling them they need to do something about it. Heart disease runs in the family and I don't want them to be part of the statistics. Her zits are coming out because she's gaining some pounds and her skin got oily. That's what happened before too. I asked her to consult her dermatologist first before she gets anything to treat her acne. I don't want her to have any complications from applying just about anything for her acne.

Last time I send some beauty products to them that helps in cleansing and moisturize their skin. They said they like it and my nephew who is now an adolescent was having problem with acne too. I gave him acne treatment from here and it was helping him. But I am not just sure of my sister. But hoping she can talk first to her doctor and then I can get her what kind of acne treatment that her doctor recommends.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancing Girl

Our little girl showing off her dancing skills to Mommy. When we're at home and I am not watching TFC she will request for some music on MTV or Music Choice. She likes to listen to danceable music especially those of Beyonce's, Shakira's, and Lady Gaga's. When she's dancing she will get my high-heeled shoes and wear it while she's dancing. Everyday my red shoes will be out from our shoe closet because she just love wearing it :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home Based Business

Ever since we moved here in 2007 I haven't started working outside home. There has been plans of looking for a job but there are circumstances that can't be avoided. Now I am thinking of looking into having a home based business that can really help to augment my husband's income. We have so many plans for our future. Aside from saving for our growing family's future, we are also aiming of becoming a homeowner before the husband retires from the service. In that case, I need to help out in saving for that endeavor. If the husband is the only one working and bringing home the money, it will be a pinched when we pursue having our own place. At least if I am working and share with the expenses it will not be that much of a burden.

With this perspective in mind, I am trying to look for any means. I started training for a program that can get me a good job outside home or even work while at home. With my situation, I prefer to work while being at home. And who knows later on it will become a successful home based business when I learn the ropes of doing it. In all honesty, I love to work outside home but with our situation that we always move and I will have two small kids to attend to soon; it's just not possible. It will be a waste if I have a job with just a meager income and I have to pay an arm and a leg for day care for my kids. I hope this next training that I will start in May will help me in regards to looking for a good paying home based work.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thankful for Security Camera

The first time I came here in the US we lived in an apartment about 30 minutes drive to my husband's duty station. The complex we lived in is not gated and no security camera around. When we moved in Georgia, hubby told me he will look for a gated community complex that he know I will be more comfortable to live with especially during the times that he's not at home. Good thing we found a very nice apartment complex that has a lot of amenities plus there are security cameras all over the place including the entrance at the gate.

One time we received a communication from the management of the complex telling us to be vigilant of our belongings, like not living valuables inside the car overnight, because there was an incident of car break in. They were able to identify the culprit when they reviewed the security camera. Thank goodness for it. So when we moved here in Washington and was looking for a place to live, our wish lists includes gated community with security cameras. It definitely give us peace of mind living in a secure community.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lunch Invite

We went to my friend's place this afternoon for lunch. It has been a while that we haven't had a lunch get together. Our friend cooked nilagang baka (beef soup), ginataang langka (jackfruit salad w/ coconut milk), and fried milkfish. It was a sumptuous lunch and was very full after our lunch. We then proceeded for a video-ke session :-) After eating a big lunch I didn't have enough air to belt out :-) My stomach was very full and of course I'm still pregnant, lolz. I ended up laying down on the sofa so I can rest my back and my belly :-)

We did not stay long in her place since I planned to go to Target. Me and our DD drove to the store passed 2pm and was able to buy some stuff for DD and our 'lil peanut :-) I got Liz Lange maternity tees less than $7 so I bought two. I don't have everyday shirt that will fit in my belly area. I use hubby's t-shirt when I am at home and in going to sleep :-) I also bought the Clorox Toilet Wand system for $5 less. I used my $5/1 coupon then I will send in the form to get the rebate so this is a free item then. Good deal, eh? So that's our day today!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ecommerce Made Easy

My friend was thinking of doing an online business but she was thinking of how difficult would be the ins and outs of it. I told her to make a thorough research on different aspects of doing business online. If you are selling products or whatever you need to establish a system wherein your customers can directly pay through your site through a secured site. You should have a shopping cart and all the safety measures once your clients submit their valuable information. I helped her do the research and found out about R3 - merchant resellers that I think can greatly help her in establishing her online business. They provide services such as establishing merchant account, application processing of credit cards using a secure site as well as an affiliate program to sell merchant account. If she uses their services she can also apply as one of their affiliates thus making more revenue. I am not really well versed on their services but I will try to do more reading and maybe I will be enticed to enroll as one of their affiliates.

Fixture Update

Aside from the need to update our furniture, we also need to update our lighting fixture. For one, our bedroom need more light specially at night. Our unit don't have lights installed on the ceiling. When we moved in we had an old lamp that we are using until now. I told my husband that the lamp need to go if we are going to get new bedroom furniture. While I was looking for dining set last week I found a lot of light fixtures that interests me. I love the style of the Murray Feiss lamps. It looks elegant and they have wide selection of styles as well. Looking at the different fixture really made me want to update soon. But I need to wait for my husband to be home because I can't lift nor carry heavy stuffs anymore.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reliable Printer Needed

I was talking to my husband the other night and he told me that he needed a new printer in his office over there in Iraq. He complained that their current office printer take so long to print especially when they print a lot of paper works. I was reading some info about reliable high-volume printers and I found out this new addition to epson, the epson tm-t88iv that is very good to use in retail because it is known as one of the best thermal printer there is. I told my husband if only they can use it there then it would be great. He said he already did a request for a new one so hopefully his request will be granted soon. But knowing in the government that every purchase will go to a process so he is not at all happy with the possibility of a delay.

Xbox Upgrade

I am looking for a good deal of Xbox 360 right now because two Christmases  ago, we gave one of the kids one and I am pretty sure he would love for it to be upgraded to a special edition one. I know Christmas is still far but I am thinking of his birthday coming up. I didn't ask the hubby about it yet but I know he'll be agreeable to me to plan about the gift ahead of time. Usually if I let hubby do the planning, it will take him up to the eleventh hour to decide. So at least for now he can think about it and then make a deal to the son if he do good in school he will get a reward. Hubby at times let me decide of things to give to the kids. Being a mother, I don't like to spoil the children with just about anything. It will be a good discipline for them to let them know that everything that we give them is from the heart and that they need to value it. They should also know that they can get something if they earn hard for it. So I hope I can find a good deal that we can save on for as gift.

March Madness

I am referring to my personal situation when I have my title 'March Madness'. This month is gonna be madness for me since I need to at least finish everything I needed to do before my d-day. As you know preparing for a coming baby with just me doing all the basic works is tough. Although I already have the basic gears I needed but I still have to put it up. I did the others and it didn't take long for me to do it even if I'm almost 8 months preggy. The playard that I ordered from Babies R Us is not here yet. When it arrives this week I will set it up as well as the swing. I am pretty sure after I'm done putting it together DD#1 will hop into it :-) So what else I've done already? Well, I already washed and ironed the baby's clothes, bedding and blankets. I still have another batch to wash and iron since some of my friends are still giving me some baby stuff. Thanks a bunch to them.

Oh well, I am hoping that later this month I will be done already and will just have to relax and wait for the big day. Hubby will be coming home soon as well and me and our DD#1 is very excited. We can't wait to be reunited again. He told me that he wished he is here to help me but the circumstance won't just let us. It's okay. I think I'm handling the situation well. I just do my best and make everything easy and smooth as possible. That's the only way to deal with our situation :-)
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