Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bamboo Wood Blinds

We have a french sliding door going to the back patio of our apartment unit. Right now the blinds panel is an ordinary plastic or vinyl one that I'm already tired of looking at. Some of the blinds are already cracked since kids love to play behind it. I even put a tape on some of it just so it will not fall apart. I can call the maintenance office but it is still manageable. I wish I can replace it with wood blinds just like the one in picture and put a curtain as well. It will be a nice change in our living space and it will appear cozier. This is why I am wishing we have our own place so we can just do whatever we want to do with the space we have. Unfortunately for now I have to deal with it until we will be able to have our first place. When that time comes I know exactly what I have to do with door and window treatments. Going green for house treatments and fixture so to speak :-)

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