Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diabetes is Now in the Family

Last year I received the news from my sister that our oldest sister was diagnosed of heart disease as well as diabetes. I really did not expect about the latter disease because I know we don't have it in the family. But I think what she has was some kind of an acquired one, if there is such a thing. Both her and her husband did the general check up with their physician and found out a lot of illnesses that comes with age in them. Right now she is doing well and is taking her regular medications. I was thinking of getting her diabetic socks also that she can use daily. She is always out and about tending their family business and having a good cushion on her feet will increase circulation on her legs and feet. It will also make her more comfortable while on her feet all day long. It is a must to take care of the lower extremities once you have diabetes. I am hoping that she'll get better with her current medication. Not sure if it will totally disappear but I am positive that with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle she will overcome it.

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