Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ecommerce Made Easy

My friend was thinking of doing an online business but she was thinking of how difficult would be the ins and outs of it. I told her to make a thorough research on different aspects of doing business online. If you are selling products or whatever you need to establish a system wherein your customers can directly pay through your site through a secured site. You should have a shopping cart and all the safety measures once your clients submit their valuable information. I helped her do the research and found out about R3 - merchant resellers that I think can greatly help her in establishing her online business. They provide services such as establishing merchant account, application processing of credit cards using a secure site as well as an affiliate program to sell merchant account. If she uses their services she can also apply as one of their affiliates thus making more revenue. I am not really well versed on their services but I will try to do more reading and maybe I will be enticed to enroll as one of their affiliates.

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