Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hemorrhoids Treatment

They said when you are pregnant you will likely get hemorrhoids too. But I am glad I did not have it even during my first pregnancy. Constipation is always present though and there are times that I really have a hard time going. Gladly with more fluids and high fiber diet I am still able to do number two daily. But talking about hemorrhoids, my father suffered it way back and it was really worst. He had treatments for hemorrhoids for sometime and we were all glad that it did not come back anymore. Last month when my sister told me he got sick and was hospitalized I was thinking about the hemorrhoids. It is not though but something worst than it. With God's grace he recovered well and I am hoping with his regular medication he will be okay.

When I learned that we're pregnant again I went ahead and research about pregnancy complications and other discomforts. When I knew about hemorrhoids in pregnancy I told hubby to be prepared with it. I read that it can be very painful and discomforting. Some treatments I found are organic ones like this wellness oil. I think it is good since it has all the essential oils and it's pure vegan. I may not use this oil but may have to get one to give to my Dad just in case his hemorrhoids will come back.

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