Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lunch Invite

We went to my friend's place this afternoon for lunch. It has been a while that we haven't had a lunch get together. Our friend cooked nilagang baka (beef soup), ginataang langka (jackfruit salad w/ coconut milk), and fried milkfish. It was a sumptuous lunch and was very full after our lunch. We then proceeded for a video-ke session :-) After eating a big lunch I didn't have enough air to belt out :-) My stomach was very full and of course I'm still pregnant, lolz. I ended up laying down on the sofa so I can rest my back and my belly :-)

We did not stay long in her place since I planned to go to Target. Me and our DD drove to the store passed 2pm and was able to buy some stuff for DD and our 'lil peanut :-) I got Liz Lange maternity tees less than $7 so I bought two. I don't have everyday shirt that will fit in my belly area. I use hubby's t-shirt when I am at home and in going to sleep :-) I also bought the Clorox Toilet Wand system for $5 less. I used my $5/1 coupon then I will send in the form to get the rebate so this is a free item then. Good deal, eh? So that's our day today!

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