Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something for my Acne, Sis

This is what my younger sister asked from me last night when we chatted. She wanted some adult acne treatment from here. She want me to send it to her on my next balikbayan box :-) She is saying her breakouts are coming back and she need treatment asap. When I looked at them through the webcam I saw that they're gaining some weight and I was telling them they need to do something about it. Heart disease runs in the family and I don't want them to be part of the statistics. Her zits are coming out because she's gaining some pounds and her skin got oily. That's what happened before too. I asked her to consult her dermatologist first before she gets anything to treat her acne. I don't want her to have any complications from applying just about anything for her acne.

Last time I send some beauty products to them that helps in cleansing and moisturize their skin. They said they like it and my nephew who is now an adolescent was having problem with acne too. I gave him acne treatment from here and it was helping him. But I am not just sure of my sister. But hoping she can talk first to her doctor and then I can get her what kind of acne treatment that her doctor recommends.

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