Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thankful for Security Camera

The first time I came here in the US we lived in an apartment about 30 minutes drive to my husband's duty station. The complex we lived in is not gated and no security camera around. When we moved in Georgia, hubby told me he will look for a gated community complex that he know I will be more comfortable to live with especially during the times that he's not at home. Good thing we found a very nice apartment complex that has a lot of amenities plus there are security cameras all over the place including the entrance at the gate.

One time we received a communication from the management of the complex telling us to be vigilant of our belongings, like not living valuables inside the car overnight, because there was an incident of car break in. They were able to identify the culprit when they reviewed the security camera. Thank goodness for it. So when we moved here in Washington and was looking for a place to live, our wish lists includes gated community with security cameras. It definitely give us peace of mind living in a secure community.

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