Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Xbox Upgrade

I am looking for a good deal of Xbox 360 right now because two Christmases  ago, we gave one of the kids one and I am pretty sure he would love for it to be upgraded to a special edition one. I know Christmas is still far but I am thinking of his birthday coming up. I didn't ask the hubby about it yet but I know he'll be agreeable to me to plan about the gift ahead of time. Usually if I let hubby do the planning, it will take him up to the eleventh hour to decide. So at least for now he can think about it and then make a deal to the son if he do good in school he will get a reward. Hubby at times let me decide of things to give to the kids. Being a mother, I don't like to spoil the children with just about anything. It will be a good discipline for them to let them know that everything that we give them is from the heart and that they need to value it. They should also know that they can get something if they earn hard for it. So I hope I can find a good deal that we can save on for as gift.

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