Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kids' Dedication

On Sunday, April 25th, we scheduled the dedication of both our kids. It's been long overdue for our DD1 for it to happen. At last me and hubby made a resolution to have it done during his R&R leave. We're both happy for our two girls that we offer them both to the Lord. We promised to bring them up as law-abiding citizens and God-fearing individuals.

We then had a small dinner along with few of our friends at home. We did not invite many since it was sort of an impromptu celebration. Nevertheless, the dinner was great and I thanked my friends who came and celebrated with us.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Skin Care

Taking care of our skin is really important. Not just for aesthetic reason but also to ward off anything that can cause skin diseases. When I searched about how to take care of our skin it will always appear to drink lots of water and get more sleep. If ever you have breakouts make sure to get the adult acne treatment that will work for you recommended by your dermatologist. It is very important to have a well prescribed medication from your physician so you will not have a worst problem later on. My nephew tried treating his acne by buying the acne treatment over the counter and he regreted it. It's a lesson for him. With me, I always consult doctors or pharmacists before I take any medication may it be for internal ir external use.

Not on a Diet Yet

I already gave birth more than a week ago and I can't wait for my tummy to get down in size. A friend told me that it will take up to six months for my tummy to really go back in shape. This is of course coupled with exercise and proper diet. Definitely no diet yet for me nor using even the best weight loss supplement because I am breastfeeding. I am meaning to solely breastfeed our newly born daughter at least six months or so. Right now I am still way beyond my pre-pregnancy weight. Even though I only gained 23 pounds but I still have 16 pounds needed to shed off to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully with breastfeeding and eating right I will easily reduce my weight.

Treatment for Migraine

I have a friend back in college that suffers migraine. She said it's awfully painful every time she'll have migraine attack. One day I experienced a searing pain in my temple and I was really thinking if I may have migraine but good thing its only a headache and faded away after I took medication and rested. My friend told me that with migraine it is really painful and she felt like banging her head on the wall. She was taking medication for it as well but she wished then that there's a best migraine treatments and so she will not feel the pain again.

When I was 6 years old I was hit by a motorcycle and badly hurt my head. Ever since then I was afraid I will get or developed a head injury that I will carry throughout. Good thing there's none not even migraine or constant headache. I am praying that the effect of that incident will not resurfaced ever.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Monitor Yet

Until now I haven't bought a desktop monitor yet that will replace the one that died on me last week. I will wait for hubby to be home so he can choose what he wants to buy. He knows a lot on what is good and durable to get so I will leave the decision to him. He is also thinking of changing the switch box that we have where we hook all our electronics. The one he was telling me of getting is the KVM switch combo with cables and accessories. I just let him be when it comes to technologies and gadgets since I don't have any knowledge of it whatsoever. I only know what is it when he will tell me about it. When I suggested to him I want to get a new set of desktop computer he said that he will build one from scratch and just buy the parts. Our computer right now he build it by himself too and that is what he is planning of doing after redeployment. So, I guess if ever, I will get a netbook for myself to use and wait for him to build a new set of computer so we can give the old one to our soon to be pre-schooler.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday and Weather

Yesterday was my niece's birthday and I wasn't able to greet her. I only called my Mom and we talked for almost two hours. She told me my younger sister and her husband went to the city so they can celebrate my niece birthday. My niece is a nurse and I am proud that she is going to start working in the city hospital this Monday. This is going to be her first job since she did not practice her profession after passing the licensure exam. Instead, she helped her Mom in running their business.

To my niece Sheena, happy, happy birthday and God bless on your new job!

On the other hand, today's weather is pretty nice. My friends along with their kids went to the park. I told them I'll pass this time from going because our DD is asleep and I don't want to over stress myself running after at the play ground. I have to be careful and don't want my water break while in there. It will be chaos if it happens :-) Now, I am updating my blogs and while watching Tom and Jerry with our DD. She like the show very much and it both made us laugh watching it.

Are You Job Hunting?

If I am not pregnant this time I am also one of the millions who are job hunting right now. When we heard before on the news that companies are laying off personnel and workers we tend to worry if the job marketplace will have a come back. But we heard lately that the unemployment rate is starting to make a come back with companies starting to hire again and the government is offering thousands of jobs. There are states and cities all over the country that the unemployment rates are low and are still hiring. If you are living in the Jersey area you can check out the jobs in south jersey. Even here in our area I am still happy to see that the job marketplace is still booming. If you are really determined to find a job you can find one. It is a matter of truly looking for one. In May I am very excited because I will get help in overhauling my resume and they said they can help me too in looking for an employer. I am so excited :-)

Appetite Suppressants...Please....

(Photo snagged at Bing)

Lately I felt like to eat all the time. Yesterday alone I was in the mood to cook. At breakfast me and our DD had sunny side up eggs, bacon, cheese sandwich and a little rice. For our lunch we have the leftover chicken adobo from our dinner at a friend's place and paired it with rice of course. We have strawberry fruit and chocolate marble cheesecake for dessert. Then I decided to make something for dinner and chose pork neck bones soup with vegetables. I also tried baking, for the first time, banana bread but it wasn't a success. My cravings for food is increasing everyday now that my due date is almost near. I think I will have to need an appetite suppressants if this will continue after I give birth. I don't want to balloon because I am a petite person. I know I will need more energy and nutrients for breastfeeding and taking care of my kids but I need to choose food that is good for my health and can really give me the nutrients that I need everyday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updating My Digital Camera

I have an old canon digital camera and I am planning of updating it. I have been eying a professional camera that will take good quality pictures but it's kind of expensive. I can't afford to buy it at this time. Maybe in time I can save money to get one and then learn how to take nice photos. For the time being I am looking at compact digital cameras that I can easily bring along with me and take pictures of my kiddos in the future. The one I have right now has 7.1 megapixel and I wanted to get one with higher megapixel. I browsed online and seen lots to choose from. So my project when hubby gets home is to get a new monitor and also look for a nicer digital camera with higher megapixel so I can get quality pictures. I will have to girls soon and I would love to capture every moments while they're growing up.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Easter Brunch

After attending the church service this morning, me and our DD went to the Filipino restaurant called Cebu for an Easter brunch. They have a buffet style arrangement just for this occasion. They have lots of choices. Since it's a brunch they have egg and cheese, chorizo w/ bacon, lumpia, pancit bihon, chicken adobo, pork ribs, mixed veggies and more (forgot the others).

They also have salad, cocktail shrimp, fresh fruits like pineapple, mango, strawberry, and watermelon. For desserts, leche flan, biko, cheese cake, and chocolate cake. I was very full after and just wanted to lay down but have to drive home. Our DD ate by herself. She acted like a big girl already :-) She liked the pancit, chorizo w/ bacon and she also ate the mixed veggies, especially carrots and green beans.

It was a nice bonding time for me and our little girl. But wishing that Daddy was with us though.
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