Sunday, April 11, 2010

Appetite Suppressants...Please....

(Photo snagged at Bing)

Lately I felt like to eat all the time. Yesterday alone I was in the mood to cook. At breakfast me and our DD had sunny side up eggs, bacon, cheese sandwich and a little rice. For our lunch we have the leftover chicken adobo from our dinner at a friend's place and paired it with rice of course. We have strawberry fruit and chocolate marble cheesecake for dessert. Then I decided to make something for dinner and chose pork neck bones soup with vegetables. I also tried baking, for the first time, banana bread but it wasn't a success. My cravings for food is increasing everyday now that my due date is almost near. I think I will have to need an appetite suppressants if this will continue after I give birth. I don't want to balloon because I am a petite person. I know I will need more energy and nutrients for breastfeeding and taking care of my kids but I need to choose food that is good for my health and can really give me the nutrients that I need everyday.

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