Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You Job Hunting?

If I am not pregnant this time I am also one of the millions who are job hunting right now. When we heard before on the news that companies are laying off personnel and workers we tend to worry if the job marketplace will have a come back. But we heard lately that the unemployment rate is starting to make a come back with companies starting to hire again and the government is offering thousands of jobs. There are states and cities all over the country that the unemployment rates are low and are still hiring. If you are living in the Jersey area you can check out the jobs in south jersey. Even here in our area I am still happy to see that the job marketplace is still booming. If you are really determined to find a job you can find one. It is a matter of truly looking for one. In May I am very excited because I will get help in overhauling my resume and they said they can help me too in looking for an employer. I am so excited :-)

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