Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday and Weather

Yesterday was my niece's birthday and I wasn't able to greet her. I only called my Mom and we talked for almost two hours. She told me my younger sister and her husband went to the city so they can celebrate my niece birthday. My niece is a nurse and I am proud that she is going to start working in the city hospital this Monday. This is going to be her first job since she did not practice her profession after passing the licensure exam. Instead, she helped her Mom in running their business.

To my niece Sheena, happy, happy birthday and God bless on your new job!

On the other hand, today's weather is pretty nice. My friends along with their kids went to the park. I told them I'll pass this time from going because our DD is asleep and I don't want to over stress myself running after at the play ground. I have to be careful and don't want my water break while in there. It will be chaos if it happens :-) Now, I am updating my blogs and while watching Tom and Jerry with our DD. She like the show very much and it both made us laugh watching it.

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