Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Monitor Yet

Until now I haven't bought a desktop monitor yet that will replace the one that died on me last week. I will wait for hubby to be home so he can choose what he wants to buy. He knows a lot on what is good and durable to get so I will leave the decision to him. He is also thinking of changing the switch box that we have where we hook all our electronics. The one he was telling me of getting is the KVM switch combo with cables and accessories. I just let him be when it comes to technologies and gadgets since I don't have any knowledge of it whatsoever. I only know what is it when he will tell me about it. When I suggested to him I want to get a new set of desktop computer he said that he will build one from scratch and just buy the parts. Our computer right now he build it by himself too and that is what he is planning of doing after redeployment. So, I guess if ever, I will get a netbook for myself to use and wait for him to build a new set of computer so we can give the old one to our soon to be pre-schooler.

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Kasai said...

Hi Bless! I hope you can find time to visit my blog, I got some award for you SISTERHOOD AWARD :)

home solar system said...

...just need a bit of desire, resolve all the rest. :))
Good luck!

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