Monday, May 31, 2010

Post Partum Depression

During my post partum check up the nurse gave me a sheet of questionnaire. It is about how you are coping psychologically after having a baby. Post partum depression is real and if a new mother is experiencing it, a depression treatment should be given. It can cause destruction not only to oneself but to the baby and the whole family as well.

During my pregnancy and until now my husband is not around to personally help me out. But instead of dwelling on self pity and hopelessness, I conditioned my mind and body to be strong. It is tough and tiresome but I always think positive. I am telling myself that there is more tougher situation than what I am going through right now. It does help. I just look at my kids and all the negative vibes just go away.

I am so glad that I have a support system through my friends. They are very helpful and kind. My husband also made sure he can call me every day and making sure everything we need is taken cared of. It does make a difference. Our great communication compensate his absence, thus I don't feel alone and depression is out of the picture.

Another Diet Pill

I joined a search and win website for months now. Last night I was searching for diet pills and other weight loss ideas then I found out about Lipofuze, another diet pill. I just heard of it and was curious how it is different from other weight loss pill. Accordingly, it is effective because it has 10 patented as well as clinically proven weight loss ingredients. At this time going on a diet by taking weight loss pills is not yet allowed because I am breastfeeding. But even though I am not, I may not resort to any diet pills to loss weight. I am just scared of it especially on its effect. But my take to those who are using diet pills, just make sure it is proven effective and recommended by your doctor. It is best to be safe than sorry. Also, if looking for diet pills, make sure to read and understand how it works when taking it.

Be Insured

Everyday while looking at my kids I can't help but wonder about what the future hold for them. The time roll by so quick and the unpredictability of every situation reminding me to be prepared for them. This is why I made it sure that as their parents we have insurance that will take care of our kids once we left this life. It gives us the peace of mind. I believe that as parents it is our responsibility and obligation to give our children the life they deserve. We were blessed when they came to our lives. They did not chose us instead we are the ones who chose them to come to our lives. When we got married we always long to have kids and now that we're blessed we have to nurture them and give them the good life. And so, for those wanting to have the peace of mind for their children's future, be insured. Check with term life insurance quotes online and compare premiums with different providers. It will be fulfilling if you are not wary of what will happen to your kids when something happen to you.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roasted Whole Pig

First time that I hosted a party here in the US with whole roast pig to feast on. I just thought it is very hard and expensive to get one in here. In the Philippines, every time there is an occasion roast whole pig or lechon baboy is always present. So I planned that when our DD1 turned three I will give her a party and buy whole roast pig. Indeed, my friends helped me in ordering it from an Asian store.

The lechon I ordered was around 60+ pounds. My friend F and her hubby picked it up at the store. When I saw it I was surprised how it looked like. It was very different than what I used to see back in Philippines. The lechon in Philippines is more rounded and smooth to look at because they will close the belly part of the pig while it is put in a very big skewer or pole. It is roasted in an open pit using wood or charcoal. The lechon we had here was open on the belly side that is why it was lying flat on its belly. But in fairness, the skin is crispy and crunchy and the meat itself is well-cooked and tasty.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Backup Your Files

Have you experienced pissed off because your files and documents stored in your computer were wiped out because your system crashed? Well, I did when my laptop crashed and died on me. Good thing I only have pictures in there. Good thing I still have the SD card where the photos are not yet erased. But I learned my lesson. It is best to have a back up for all your files in your computer so whatever will happen your files are still secure. Aside from external hard drive that you can use, you can also get an online backup service for this matter. This is very good to use for those who have business and have vast files. It can prevent losses of time and money in the event of computer crashing down. This is also a great precautionary measure for every offices and household who maintained important files on their computer. So if you need backups check out the online backups for your convenience.

Contemporary Design

Choosing a design for different rooms in the house is hard if husband and wife don't have the same design inclination. Good thing with me and my husband because we both like contemporary, modern with just a tad of traditional designs. When hubby was on his R&R leave in April we finally decided to replace our dining and living room furniture. We both chose modern furniture. For our center table in the living room I was torn from among the different styles of contemporary coffee tables. In the end I chose a coffee table slash ottoman in contemporary design. We both love the items we picked out and enjoying it now. We have the bedroom set left that needs to be replaced. We decided to get the new one when hubby returned from deployment.

6 Weeks Postpartum Check Up

Time flies so very fast. Six weeks came by so quick from the day I gave birth to our DD2. Early this afternoon I went to the hospital for my six weeks postpartum check up. It was pouring so badly that I was soaking wet when I entered the hospital. I made sure that our DD2 in her car seat is not wet so I covered her more with the umbrella I was bringing. I left DD1 in a friend's house.

The check up went well. I am very fortunate that I did not have any complications during pregnancy and even when I gave birth. I was healing wonderfully. Even though hubby was only here for two weeks, which to me is so short a time, I did not feel any pain nor did not get sick. I think my body adjusted to the situation. With just me taking care of our toddler and newborn, being sick is not an option.

The doctor who saw me asked the basic questions and then performed the physical exam. She said everything is normal and nothing unusual. She also did the pap smear. The check up didn't take long since there being no question or special concern. I am glad I was out quick coz DD2 already started crying and the only thing to console her is to be taken out of the car seat and be fed.

I am thanking God for giving me healthy body and mind that withstand the pressure of being alone taking care of our kids. I know postpartum blues is just lurking waiting for an opportune time. But I am blessed to have supportive friends and most of all a very supportive and loving husband that give me encouragement every single day despite being miles and miles away. He is the rock that I can always count on to. He may not be here physically but his love and constant appreciation of what I am doing is helping me through.

Formal Wear

Speaking of formal wear, I would say that my husband likes to wear formal every time we go to church or attending special function like wedding. I remember attending a mass service and he's the only one who wears coat and tie. He also noticed it and it didn't bother him. He just told me that he feels comfortable attending church services wearing formal than just plain casual clothes. This is why I am making sure all his dress shirts and coats are dry cleaned before he comes home in September. I am also planning of getting another tuxedo shirt and more dress shirts that he can wear during special occasions. I found a website, the formal, that sells affordable tuxedo shirts for both men and women. I can order what hubby needs from them.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Needs Detoxification?

Well, I can say that right now my life is kind of toxic or shall I say hectic. Being alone taking care of the household and have just given birth is really hard. I am just glad that my sanity is still intact and the family is thriving. I may need rapid detox from this hectic life but I know I can cope well.

But speaking of detoxification, I know that there are people right now whose loved ones are suffering from abuse of alcohol or drugs. If you know of anybody then you should be the bridge in straightening their lives. If they need rapid detox from any substance abuse, you can start checking for information to help them through. Be mindful though of choosing centers that offers detoxification. There are lots of centers who offers this kind of service so it is best to go to someone that really know what they are doing and guarantees the healing of its clients. Make sure that the center you go operates with experience and more knowledgeable so patients will be guaranteed of healing and less or no withdrawals at all. Most important thing if you are looking for detox centers is to research about the center and the procedures they offer.
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