Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 Weeks Postpartum Check Up

Time flies so very fast. Six weeks came by so quick from the day I gave birth to our DD2. Early this afternoon I went to the hospital for my six weeks postpartum check up. It was pouring so badly that I was soaking wet when I entered the hospital. I made sure that our DD2 in her car seat is not wet so I covered her more with the umbrella I was bringing. I left DD1 in a friend's house.

The check up went well. I am very fortunate that I did not have any complications during pregnancy and even when I gave birth. I was healing wonderfully. Even though hubby was only here for two weeks, which to me is so short a time, I did not feel any pain nor did not get sick. I think my body adjusted to the situation. With just me taking care of our toddler and newborn, being sick is not an option.

The doctor who saw me asked the basic questions and then performed the physical exam. She said everything is normal and nothing unusual. She also did the pap smear. The check up didn't take long since there being no question or special concern. I am glad I was out quick coz DD2 already started crying and the only thing to console her is to be taken out of the car seat and be fed.

I am thanking God for giving me healthy body and mind that withstand the pressure of being alone taking care of our kids. I know postpartum blues is just lurking waiting for an opportune time. But I am blessed to have supportive friends and most of all a very supportive and loving husband that give me encouragement every single day despite being miles and miles away. He is the rock that I can always count on to. He may not be here physically but his love and constant appreciation of what I am doing is helping me through.

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