Monday, May 31, 2010

Post Partum Depression

During my post partum check up the nurse gave me a sheet of questionnaire. It is about how you are coping psychologically after having a baby. Post partum depression is real and if a new mother is experiencing it, a depression treatment should be given. It can cause destruction not only to oneself but to the baby and the whole family as well.

During my pregnancy and until now my husband is not around to personally help me out. But instead of dwelling on self pity and hopelessness, I conditioned my mind and body to be strong. It is tough and tiresome but I always think positive. I am telling myself that there is more tougher situation than what I am going through right now. It does help. I just look at my kids and all the negative vibes just go away.

I am so glad that I have a support system through my friends. They are very helpful and kind. My husband also made sure he can call me every day and making sure everything we need is taken cared of. It does make a difference. Our great communication compensate his absence, thus I don't feel alone and depression is out of the picture.

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