Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roasted Whole Pig

First time that I hosted a party here in the US with whole roast pig to feast on. I just thought it is very hard and expensive to get one in here. In the Philippines, every time there is an occasion roast whole pig or lechon baboy is always present. So I planned that when our DD1 turned three I will give her a party and buy whole roast pig. Indeed, my friends helped me in ordering it from an Asian store.

The lechon I ordered was around 60+ pounds. My friend F and her hubby picked it up at the store. When I saw it I was surprised how it looked like. It was very different than what I used to see back in Philippines. The lechon in Philippines is more rounded and smooth to look at because they will close the belly part of the pig while it is put in a very big skewer or pole. It is roasted in an open pit using wood or charcoal. The lechon we had here was open on the belly side that is why it was lying flat on its belly. But in fairness, the skin is crispy and crunchy and the meat itself is well-cooked and tasty.

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