Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Acne

When we had our first child every time she have red marks or rashes in her face I get easily worried. I am worried it might be an eczema. One time the what is called baby acne seemed to get worst that I brought our DD1 to the hospital and have her check. I asked her Ped if it's an eczema and if it is what could be the best eczema treatment to give to her. But gladly the Ped confirmed that it is only baby acne that got irritated. She told me that it will go away and just let it be. What I did also that helps was washed her face only with water and all her things was washed with mild detergent. I was happy when it finally faded away. I learned my lesson, so now with our DD2 I didn't get to worry too much when her baby acne came out. I am also glad its not worst as her big sister before.

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