Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brighter Days Ahead

I am liking the weather we have right now. It's not so hot but not so cold. When you go out you don't need to wear jacket or coat anymore. I can really feel that summer is already here. I am hoping that the rain will not visit us frequently. But I can't bank on it since this is the evergreen state and known to have more rainy days than sunny ones.

On the other note, it's now the end of June and our Daddy will soon be here. I can't believe how time flies so very fast. I thought when hubby left that it's going to be a long year of his deployment, but lo days just folds out fast. There will be a month and a half of waiting and he will be here with us. I told him that now that the day of their redeployment is coming it seem like the days is becoming longer. I am just anxious of being reunited with him. I can't wait for the family bonding that we are going to make once he is home. I can see very bright days ahead of our family together.

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