Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shopping Issues

I went grocery shopping on Tuesday. It was raining and I was pushing our double stroller loaded with our two kids, two bags of trash, empty boxes to recycle and the diaper bag. I did not open my umbrella because I don't have a hand anymore. I arrived at the grocery store and it was still showering. I parked near the entrance so we will not walk far. DD1 just walk while I put DD2's car seat on the shopping cart.

Having two little ones and doing grocery shopping is not easy. But I am glad DD1 is behave when we are in the store. She just hold on to the cart and not run away from me. My main concern when we are in the store is for the little one to cry loud when she wakes up. I know babies cries but still other people get annoyed. So, what I do is get whatever I need as fast as I can and no side trips on other aisles.

In checking out, I usually ask for the barcode scanner or let the checker scan the big items that I put under the shopping cart. That way I will not haul it up to the counter. On Tuesday my cart was kind of full. I got water, gallons of detergent, cooking oil, boxes of diaper and wipes and other food stuff. Another issue for me is to bring all the groceries inside the house. I will make more than two trips back and forth from the apartment to our parking to bring the groceries in. It was still showering and so I just made one trip not bringing everything inside then wait til the rain stops. Gladly, after a few minutes there was a shower break and so I hurried out and got the rest of the groceries. I will be doing this thing for another two months. It is kind of hard but I know I will survive :-)

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