Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish the Weather Gets Better

Washington weather is known to be wet and soggy most of the time. For almost three years that we've been living here, I experienced first hand how it rained for almost the whole two weeks and the sun will appear for just a few minutes.

The picture was taken last month when we had a day of sunshine. The kids were very happy coz they're able to play outside. But for the past few days, or shall I say for more than a week now it's been raining here. I went to do my errands and I got wet all the time. I have two kids to take with me and it's hard to stay dry.

So I wish our weather will get better in the coming days. I want to see the sun and hopefully we can go out without fearing of getting wet especially the kids. Good thing though that the temperature is already creeping up and it's not as chilly as winter time anymore.

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